Best of my 2009

Thought I’d do a little recount. Unorganized and all over the place, just for you, from me. 2009 was probably the best year I’ve had so far and any other year is gonna have a run for it’s money now.  The monumental moments were all over the place. Getting married and kissing sharks and getting lost in Baltimore and pole-dancing….The list goes on. Had a little help from my old blog with this one. It’s gone through the whole damn year and then some with me!( ) Let’s begin.

Early in the year:

-Wrote a lot of poems. Good Lord, I wrote a lot of poems. Also rambled a lot about my beliefs, trying to figure exactly what they were myself.

-Discovered Eric Jerome. Most interesting smut author ever.

-Valentines Day:First rose petals on the bed ever. Also, first fiance  on a Valentines day. First official boyfriend ever, actually. Picky girls get the best boys.  Or I just got incredibly lucky.

-Went to San Antonio for my birthday. Alamo for the first time, ever.  Also, became friends with Oprah. Wax woman Oprah.

-Brought home a puppy on impulse.It was a good impulse. A pain in the ass one, but definitely a good one.

Around summer….

-Gave the fiance some naughty pictures of me for our one year. Oh la la.

-Beliefs and opinions were questioned and changed a lot around this time.

-Started going to our apartment bar, Tonic, often. It quickly became a friends/fun hot spot.

-Best friend took our engagement pictures and did an amazing job

-Kind of sort of started wedding planning. A little.

– In the midst of this starting a new life together, experienced more death than I ever have before. Learned how hard letting go is, and that life really can be cruel sometimes.

-Picked out bridesmaid dresses.  Learned I’m really more suited to be a bridesmaid as I really don’t have the attention span or enough interest in wedding planning to be a bride.

-Visited best best best friend in Maryland for a week. Got lost in a scary part of Baltimore and stuck on a subway when two collided close by.  Had fun at the beach and almost got ran over in Washington DC. The two of us have some adventures, man.

-Had lots of parties with friends. Made new friends while doing so.

-Fiance and I started becoming major thrift shop shoppers.

Nearing the end…

-My confidence at this point of the year and my ability to make friends has upshooted (upshooted..?) to about 110 percent more than it’s ever been. This proves to be a great feeling.

-Friends and I begin the ‘Bookless bookclub’ tradition, consisting of anything but books. Scrabble, alcohol, tea, Walmart, Christmas music– just no reading.

-Pole danced

-Had an amazing bachelorette party. Though some drunken creep tried kissing me.

-Allen joins the crowd. Tessa and Allen especially hit it off and start dating. Aw!

– Bridal shower!Lots of boring games and such.  You know you’re a young one getting married when you’re bored at your own bridal shower.

-Told a cop while tipsy in car that I was twenty one. He asked again and I said twenty. Surprisingly, did not end up in jail.

– Well, you know, got married. Yeah, so this was the big one. I wasn’t bored or un-attentive here. Everything was perfect. Best day of my life. All of that cheesy, cliche stuff….It’s all true.  I love him, loved looking into his eyes and saying ‘I do’, loved dancing with my daddy in my big white dress, loved feeding my new husband cake; I’ll stop before you all start gagging now.

– Went to Cancun, baby. This was also amazing. Amazing isn’t good enough a word. I mean c’mon, I was in paradise for my honeymoon.  Is there a word to describe how wonderful that is? Kissed a shark, went sailing all day with an open bar, danced with tour guide, snorkeled with the fishies, had sex in Mexico…all of that fun stuff.

-Started working at Starbucks.  Made lovely new friends and scored a really fun job.

-And as always, had fun with some older friends too.

-Combined both groups and this worked well too.

-Passed the two hardest classes I’ve had yet.

-Went all out for Halloween and had my first naughty costume.

-Went to my first ever ugly sweater party and wore a robe instead of an ugly sweater.

-Had lots more fun with Christmas festivities and friends

-Continued having great friends to do girly stuff with at other job.

-And tonight will be spent at two different shin-digs with two great groups of friends to ring in the New Year. I would write more but husbands rushing me. HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!

2 thoughts on “Best of my 2009

  1. Meg says:

    Ahhh I had totally forgotten that we ran infront of that bus in DC ahahah. wow…Can’t wait til this summer 🙂

    I saw SUMUK last night! Crazy. When I visit we’ll have to grab lunch with him or something.

    And it must have taken you a really long time to write this blog and go back and find all this stuff in your first little world.

    You must start our blog to eachother/public today because it is the first day of 2010 and it’d be the perfect time to start plus I actually have somewhat blog-worthy things to blog about. so get on that 😉

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