Goals and Party.

Picture above is my official-favorite New Year party picture.  We definitely did a good job of saying hello to 2010.

I’m alternating my new/old goals with New Year’s party last night. This way, y’all get to read my blog AND see party pictures.  Please no peeing in your pants with excitement, now. I’ve always been one to make lots of goals for a new year.  It’s nice to look back and see what was important to you a year ago, how you’ve changed, and what you’ve accomplished.  Sometimes it’s also nice for a good laugh.  I went searching and found last years goals scattered on my old blog. In parentheses I’ve x’d the completed along with a little explanation.

-I will pass college algebra. (I give myself  1/2 for this.  I didn’t end up being quite qualified for this class but passed  with a B the only math class I needed for my major anyway.)
-I will get down to 125 pounds. (I don’t know, I’ve stopped weighing myself.  No x here, but the fact that I’ve learned to love my body without knowing my weight is a good enough feeling to let go of this goal.)
-I will figure out what I want to do with my life. (x. I want to write. I’ve decided on the four year I want to transfer to. I know for sure my major. I’d say yes, I’ve figured it out and have come a long long way from last year.)
-I will publish something I write.  (No, sigh. I did absolutely nothing to pursue this, and this will  be on my list again this year.)
-I will go to California. (SIGH. No. Dammit. Again, carries over to this year.)
I will become more organized. (X. A little. I’m getting there, I have a planner now, and that’s a start.)
-I will learn to close at Hannah D’s. (X)
-I will stay not impregnated. (X . This is an unspoken for my 21st year too.)

I will get married. (X. I sure did.)

-Get good credit. Maintain good credit. (X. )

-Prove my potential. (X. I’m not sure who this was for exactly. But to myself and many others, I definitely have. Though I’m always still working on it.)

7 1/2 out of 11 Ain’t bad,ay? Okay. Picture Intermission!

This is us being Charlie’s Angels. My gun…does not look like a gun.

Patrick is holding my face. I’m obviously intoxicated if I’m letting someone hold my face.

Us ole married couples. I love this picture. Nobody my age is married. Jenni is actually ten years older than me but I don’t care, she’s still married.

He lets me be his foot in Rockband. It’s the only thing I seem to be good at in that damn game.

Okay, okay. Intermission over. Needless to say it was a fun, drink-filled night. I was glad to ring in the New Year with my Starbucks friends, plus two of my best friends who Jenni oh-so-kindly allowed over.  I think it’s a good sign to be spending the first of 2010 with both new and old great friends, don’t you? Alright. Time for my 2010 goals! I’ve actually already accomplished a couple. Woot,woot!

1. Start a new blog. (check.)

2. Gain followers and comments.  Take more time and effort on blog.

3. Make and maintain best friend’s blog with Meg. (Check on the first part, and here’s the link. Promise you’ll be entertained with us. Click here for TinaandMeggie’s blog )

4. Look into and prepare for transferring to four year.


6. Learn to better balance friends,work,marriage, school,etc.

7. Be more honest.  Especially with myself, in my writing, and with my friends.

8.Average at least going/trying one new thing a week.

9. Travel with the husband.

10.Be a good wife. Work on my temper. Learn to cook and clean better. Um, much better.

11. Stay. Stay questioning, wondering,asking, hoping, believing.  Keep smiling, laughing,making friends, and making people happy.

12. Publish something I write.

13. Pay off credit card. Maintain good credit. Save a little money.

14. Learn to say no.

15.  Buy a house.

I think that’s all. I’ll add more if it comes to mind. I leave you with an amusing, drunken video. We had played King’s cup last night and at this point in the card game had to say “In my pants” at the end of every sentence.  I think I just felt like saying it randomly.

I’m excited about this year.  It’s gonna be a good one.


One thought on “Goals and Party.

  1. Meg says:

    my new year’s resolution is to be more honest too! I come up with one big one and it’s to be more honest with everyone including myself.


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