Pho, Bubble tea, Best friend. And other Asian things a white girl didn’t know.

Yesterday the best friend wanted to take me out for lunch.  One of my new years resolutions is to try something new at least once a week. Last week was Greek food. This week?  I’ve been to a lot of Asian buffets and a few half-ass Chinese restaurants in my lifetime…but I was craving something more specific and authentic yesterday. Well, best friend’s very Vietnamese. I let him know he was taking me to a Vietnamese restaurant and he knew just the place.

This is in Austin’s humble little version of ChinaTown. Something I found really cute? The entire shopping center was still Christmas decorated, inside and out, tree and all. Back on topic. So Bryant took me to Pho Saigon. By the way, you don’t say it “Fo.” like I of course did. Bryant was saying it… “Fuh” ,I believe. Like the start of a curse word. But you stop before getting to the “king.” Get it!?  I may be totally off base and sound like an idiot but that’s what I got out of it anyway. So. Walking in I could already tell this place was probably pretty authentic.  I was the only white girl there that I noticed and the place was PACKED with people.  Lots of large groups too.  I had no idea what to order besides the eggrolls (the menu confused me) so I went ahead and let the expert order for me. He ordered me pho something or other.  This is why I am not a food blogger.  But it was yummy. Meatballs with white egg noodles in a delicious, salty broth sauce.  He ordered us both smalls which I was a little irked about at first as I can eat a lot. But lookit the small!

Looks like a Super-Sized small to me. Man, Asian people can EAT.  And for cheap too, the prices were amazing. Bryant ended up finishing his and eating the rest of mine too.  I liked it a lot but can never eat too much of anything that’s soup based….I like biting into things. I did eat both of the eggrolls, my side dish of rice (only a dollar extra!)  AND all of my meatballs. These meatballs were different than what I’m used to. I pointed this out to Bryant and he agreed they were more “Squishy.” I couldn’t think of a better word than the one he used himself. They were a lot more squishy than regular meatballs.

One of my favorite parts of the meal was actually this here drink. I don’t remember the Vietnamese way to say it but it’s Lemon SODA. Oh, it was heavenly. I don’t know why it’s not everywhere. Carbonation and lemons are a heavenly combination. I would go back just to get that.

Just when I thought I knew everything about him, I learned something new about the best friend. He can speak Vietnamese. I never knew that.  I know by being at his house  over the years it’s all his mom and dad really speak but he likes to play dumb and has always insinuated that he can’t. Yesterday on the ride there I learned that if he has to, he can. I don’t know why he acts like he can’t. I let him know that speaking two languages is sexy in a guy.  It was interesting seeing him order and speaking in a different language.  I’m used to Spanish now, which is really a pretty easy language after knowing English. But with Vietnamese, it’s like not only syllables and inflictions but also the entire tone of voice changes. I didn’t recognize Bryant’s voice! Really interesting.

After pho, we went next door to get something I’ve been missing for a long time now…bubble tea.  Goodness, I did not realize how much I’ve missed this stuff. I didn’t even know there was a bubble tea place in this shopping center,so thank goodness for Bryant. The place was “Short and Sweet” and upon entering I immediately fell in love. They serve food, drinks, ice cream and a random hosh-posh of everything else. When thinking about this place that is the word that immediately comes to mind..  “hosh posh.” There is just such a jumble of colors and posters and shirts and knick-knacks so completely unorganized that I quickly became smitten. It’s like my heart put into a store. Loved it. Not to mention the bubble tea was the best I’ve ever had in my life.

Mine is the large one. Coconut bubble shake is to die for.  I’m making the husband or somebody else I can boss around go with me again this week so I can buy that creamy coconut bubble goodness. Bryant got green apple which was good but he had something called lychee in there that I did not enjoy one bit.  Get that fruit tasting thing out of my sip of the drink, please.

All in all an entertaining, (it’s never boring with Bryant and I) delicious and informative day for the best friends. I leave you with a video of me making Bryant say something in Vietnamese. Hee.


9 thoughts on “Pho, Bubble tea, Best friend. And other Asian things a white girl didn’t know.

  1. Meg says:

    “I’m making the husband or somebody else I can boss around go with me again this week so I can buy that creamy coconut bubble goodness.”

    Hahahaha! sigh.

    I don’t like bubble tea? but i’ve only had it once so maybe i just didn’t get a good kind.

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