There’s friends and…Then there’s best friends.

This blog, though about all of my best friends/ friends, was inspired by a lovely night last night with my twinkie Kathleen.

I’m all about my friends.  Friendship, to me, is definitely on the top 3 most important things in life.  I’m fortunate enough to have an uncountable amount of friends and a couple handfuls of best friends. So what’s the difference? What differentiates a friend from a best friend?  I think everyone has their own reasons. For me, from my own experiences, it’s a few things.

Friends listen. Best friends listen until they’re tired of listening to your big mouth and tell you to shut the hell up, that it’s their freaking turn. Friends may lay down to chat with you, but do they lay down in bed to chat with you and accidentally see a peak of your vagina? Probably not. Probably that’s a best friend example of mine.  Perhaps friends read together, but they probably don’t read chick porn as a best friend and I are known to do. Friends can do long distance, but do they alternate states once or twice a year and then get lost in a huge city together and almost ran over by a bus in the short amount of time they’re together? ‘Cuz best friends sure do. Friends are there for you but usually best friends use the “I’ll kick their ass” line. Friends might hold your hair up when you throw up, but they’d probably be moved to bestie level if they did so more than once.  Friends have handshakes and best friends have handshakes ending with giving the other the finger.  Friends gossip but best friends will call you in the middle of the day to inform you about the next sentence in the novel of their life; Give you a play-by-play on what that bitch/that douchebag did now. Friends are usually a little more tactful, and I respect that.  I don’t always appreciate when my best friends call me on my shit or tell me to calm the eff down, but it happens.  Friends ask politely, whereas my best friends and I would ask something along the lines of “This is what’s up…okay??”   Friends cook together while best friends cook for you when you told them you’d be the one cooking. Friends you tell, and best friends just know.  Friends laugh but probably don’t make you pee your pants or snot as much as the best friends do.

Friends eat and share clothes with you but only best friends can steal countless amounts of food/pieces of clothing from your closet. Friends show talents, but only a best friend shows you how they can queef on command. Friends are great, but best friends are better.  Friends lend you a hand where best friends would sacrifice theirs. There is just an unspoken and damn near unbreakable bond that comes with the secrets, the laughs, the stories, and the time it takes to get to the place of best-friendship. Best friends are on a level that nothing else can reach, they speak a language of their own, love you when you don’t deserve to be loved, do before you say, tell you what you need to hear when you don’t want to hear it, finish your sentences, say what you’re thinking when you’ve barely finished thinking it,make memories that you will still be laughing about together 40+ years from now. Finally,friends you can sing and drink with, best friends drink with you in the middle of the afternoon and then make music videos dancing and singing like crazy people  for the rest of the night. Ahem. Video example from last night is below. My husband says we’re major dorks, and it’s true, but I worked hard on this so y’all better watch!


11 thoughts on “There’s friends and…Then there’s best friends.

  1. kat says:

    awww christina that video is so cuute! 🙂 im glad you turned our singing down haha. i love you so much! you really are lucky to have so many good friends, and best friends!

  2. Meg says:

    “Friends eat and share clothes with you but only best friends can steal countless amounts of food/pieces of clothing from your closet.”
    This made me laugh because it kinda sounds ilke friends eat your clothes as well as share them hahaha

    that video also made me laughhghghg! i didn’t really get the Dr. Pepper scene..but maybe that was the point haha. You both look beautiful. and Ridiculous but if you didn’t the video would be a waste. haha

    miss you!

    ❤ can't wait til this summaaa.

      • Meg says:

        Oooh yea i remember you guys bonking heads now hahaha. I don’t recall you losing a shoe but I believe you. It kinda looked like you were having a love affair with the dr. pepper

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