Yesterday I called my cousin and brother up to tell them we would be going to lunch together. One of the things I’m most thankful for in my life is my extremely close knit family. We’ve grown up together and these two continue to be a constant reason to smile and choke and almost die on my donut holes from laughing so hard.  So here’s the plan. We meet at my cousin’s apartment. I want a new place. If y’all don’t know my need for adventure (in whatever shape or form) by now, just know I need it. Crave it. Must have it.  Brother is boring.  He wants Olive Garden.  Our conversation follows:

Brother: I want breadsticks.

Me: I want something new.

Brother: I want soup,salad and breadsticks.

Me: I want something new.

Cousin: What’s going on here?

Brother: She wants to take us to some place we’ve never been before so we can all get food poisoning and die.

Cousin: Sounds about right.

We ended up in downtown Round Rock (very cute little town) and somewhat compromising with the food, though I still say I won. Lousiana Longhorn Cafe was the place.  I say we compromised because our parents had taken us here once when we were much younger, but it still seemed pretty new to me. Especially since I am the one paying for my poor highschool brother this time ’round (so does this mean he wins?). Ah,  It was worth it. This place is yum. I don’t say yummy, because it wasn’t quite that good, but it was yum. And I’d say a great place for tourists or any lover of Cajun food too. Quaint little place. For those of you wondering what I think about the word quaint, it’s my favorite word and gets used only on special occasions. Oh, oh, and lookit the menu!

You see ‘Grandma Boudreaux’s!? I told my husband last night that we saw his last name on the menu. He reminded me.. “’s your last name too.” Oh. Right. I have the hardest time remembering that. I still write my initials C.C. constantly and am ridiculously confused when anyone tries to correct me/ do this the right way.  The fact that I have a Cajun last name just isn’t sinking in yet. Gimme a couple more months.

Muffaleta!  My favorite part was the hushpuppies. I love me some hushpuppies.

After the food, and much to my brother’s dismay (” I NEED TO GO WORK OUT!” , my cousin and I heard about 28342 times yesterday.) we meandered through downtown Round Rock, browsed the library, ( I have an obsession with of my favorite places in the world to be and this one in particular takes me back to my childhood. My mom would never let me get all 8 books. Hmph.), made ourselves look like ridiculous tourists (there was some random historical well we had to take pictures with…), and ate a bunch of donut holes. (This is where I choked and almost died.)

Reason for my near death. Cousin and Brother made it worse by laughing so hard that I couldn’t even swallow what was lodged in my throat because I was laughing so damn much. Jerks.

After Round Rock, and still much to my poor brother’s dislike, we decided Georgetown would be next.  The whole day was filled with memories because I grew up in Round Rock and moved to G-town when I was about 12. Weird to spend a whole day engrossed in your childhood like that. Downtown Georgetown is even cuter than Dt Round Rock, and my adventure radar was already to tip-top level at this point. I wanted more. There was a definite pit-stop that needed to be made. From age 12-15  we lived in Georgetown. Some (actually most) of my best late childhood memories were made here and I’ve been wanting to go back and look for a while. Dude. It was crazy going back.  Talk about a walk down memory lane. We walked up to my best friend’s old house (she lives in Maryland now, so this provokes more sadness in me than it usually would) and sat on the benches and half-ass climbed the old tree I used to always get stuck in…just an all around big case of deja-vue. Cousin (she practically lived there in the summer too) mentioned it was like we never even left.  However, I’m sure yesterday the neighbors were waiting for us to leave.  Five bucks (that’s right, I’m betting you) whoever peeked out their windows was about ready to call the cops on the three of us. Staring at houses and pointing and randomly climbing trees. I woulda called the cops on me.

This is our old house. Cousin made us pose like that. See what I mean about the cops?

Probably my favorite picture of the day. Glad I’ve become such a homebody too. If I’m not working, I alternate through about four pairs of sweats. Maybe I don’t look as sexy as possible, but makes for easier climbing.

Once the fun day with cousin and brother had come to and end, it was time for adventure numero dos. (number two, for those of you who don’t speak fluently. hee.)  I was going to cook. My best friend’s mom (the best friend in Maryland I mentioned above) is a blog reader and takes note of the fact that I, Christina Boudreaux, do not cook much or well. So you know what this lady did? Made this site: Anyone can cook even Tina! That’s right. The amazing lady made a cooking site dedicated to this girl with no domestic tendencies whatsoever. I was honored. So I grabbed a friend, some ingredients, and some wine (helps calm the nerves) …and here’s what we ended up with:


After about 15 minutes:

It was a hit! Best banana bread I’ve ever had. AND easy to make. Even easy for me (though friend did help out a lot) so this says something. Mrs. Tucker, I adore you! The rest of you would too, click on the link I mentioned above to get some yummy (notice I added the my to yum….making it extra good) recipes, that really aren’t so hard to make. ‘Cuz hell, Anyone can cook, even me! Documentation video proof below.  Tessa and I also attempted making the end part into our first ever vlog but I turned the music volume up on y’all because we ended up discussing my dog’s butt the entire time. The best part you probably can’t hear… (and the reason I attacked Tessa?):

Me: She likes her ass all up in the camera.

Tessa: You know, they say dogs take on the personality of their owners…

Oh, little (mis)adventures.


17 thoughts on “Little(mis)Adventures.

  1. kat says:

    ooh! i love old town RR and GT! i take people’s sr pictures there all the time.
    i am looooving meg’s mom’s blog. very cute.
    whats the song in the background of your
    video? i like ittt

  2. Meg says:

    I haven’t actually read your blog yet but before i do I’m listening to Adore her by mandy moore and it reminds me of you haha

  3. Meg says:

    I loved this bloggogooggg made me smile the whole time. Your video was so cute loL! and I laughed at the pictures of ba-nayna bread that was gone after 15 min.

    weird thing…now STAY by sugarland is playing. WHOA.

    I love that you sent me that picture of 124 spring court whattt haha. I was like OMG! if you wouldn’t have said “look familiar?” I probably wouldn’t have recognized it. I wonder who lives there…=/

    anddddddddd I remember that tree and all it’s memories hahaha. You getting stuck up there and your dad having to come get you pahahaha. You should call him one day and say “dad..i’m stuck in a tree can you get me?” see what he says. =P

  4. ROFLMAO omg Tina I am laughing SO hard!!! But I’m really PROUD of you for making that bread, AND that it came out good – prolly cos you put the most important ingredient in it, and that’s LOVE…srsly.

    (PS – next time use brown bananas – the ones you have hanging around that look like they are ready for the trash – MUCH easier to smoosh~!)
    Mayjah HUGS to you both! 🙂

      • LOL as soon as my bananas start turning brown, I’ll make some more and take pix 🙂 Hmmm I might have a pic hiding around somewhere…Wow…was good to see the old neighborhood too! I remember that tree 🙂 and your old house!

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