Confessions of a 21 year old with a slight crazy bone.

Confession # 1

There is not one Taylor Swift song I don’t like.

Confession # 2

I have a ridiculously irrational fear of doctors. I haven’t been in years now and I’ve never had my girly exam done. Bad, I know. I’m a pretty big fear-facer and this one is actually a pretty important one. (as opposed to jumping off of cliffs and reading my poetry on stage to random strangers)  Still,I keep putting it off. There’s a couple of reasons for this. I hate getting my blood drawn as I’ve passed out the last two times this has happened. I tried facing this fear by attempting to donate blood last year but passed out after the finger prick. I’m also terrified of being diagnosed with something I don’t want. My aunt has a severe form of scoliosis that she never had surgery to correct. As a kid, I had this warped image in my head that this is what the condition always looked like. So it scared me when the doctors would always take extra time to check my back for signs of the same. My mom was just told recently she has a more mild form of scoliosis as well. I know this means there’s a good chance I might too. I also know that I’m now better equipped with correct knowledge to handle it if I was diagnosed…but walking into doctor’s offices just bring back lots of unwanted feelings/memories. Sigh. I really do need to get my girly parts checked.

Confession # 3

I don’t really regret much but there are some things I feel bad about in the recent previous years. One of these things being the way I treated boys pre-Robby. Shortly before and after my first heartbreak, I think I got it subconsciously in my head that if a dude could hurt me, then I could hurt dudes right back. I strung two, okay maybe three, guys along in this short time frame. Would ignore and then text them when I was bored. Would get them to tell me their feelings for me when I knew I didn’t feel the same. Would kiss them and go on nice dates knowing nothing would ever come of it.  Simply put, I was acting like a guy. When my husband came along, I hadn’t really changed my plans. I had little feelings for him when he started telling me in his southern drawl, “I really like you.” It came as a shock to my system when a few weeks after meeting him, he told me he loved me. Well,crap. I think I realized around this time that what I was doing, no matter how victorious it felt, was very wrong. And I gave the dude a chance. Didn’t turn out to be such a bad idea.

Confession # 4

  I occasionally like to annoy people by singing random Barney songs. A couple of days ago at work it was, for my coworkers, “I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas; I like to oat oat oat ooples and boonoonoooes; I like to iit iit iit iiples and biniiniiiiis.” I think it’s probably good that I’m going to be a nanny this summer.

Confession # 5

I really don’t want to turn 22. Not at all. People roll their eyes at me when I tell them this, but seriously. As fast as 21 is going by, I can only imagine how fast 22 will. Then 23..24…25…,.Before I know it, 76. Husband and I will be hitting each other with canes in a nursing home in no time. And we will not be the cute Notebook-esque couple. I have this planned out. We will be the couple yelling obscenities at the other from across the room who at night keep the other elderly up by getting some nookie. Hee. I said nookie.

Confession # 6

I’m really bad at remembering names. Really bad. See if you can find proof of this below:


Confession # 7

I’m kind of mean to my husband. I like to tease him maybe a little too much. He is just so mushy sometimes, and in order not to blush, I must make fun. The other day I was commenting on the box of chocolates he got me for V-day. It was a really good box of chocolates. He knew this and told me:

“Well of course it was good! You’re not just some girlfriend…You’re the future mother of my child!”

First of all, I don’t know whether to like this statement or not. I think it means I was getting cheap chocolate when we were dating. Secondly, The future mother of my child!? Really?! So I innocently told him he would make a good gay guy. I meant it as a compliment. He’s very in tune with his emotions. My husband didn’t like my compliment. Psh.

Confession # 8

I’m really good at pushing people’s buttons. I’ve kind of calmed down a little bit on this as I’ve grown up, (as a kid I’d almost purposely get grounded just to see my parents about ready to go into an insane asylum) but every once in a while I still enjoy a good game of keeping others guessing/ driving them crazy.  I can’t help it. I love knowing what makes people tick. Or explode.


Confession # 9

As a young teenager, I suffered on and off with OCD. I was never medicated and have learned how to control it much better by now, but there’s still some things I do that are pretty crazy. One of these things being that I occasionally have to do things in sets of three. So Robby doesn’t die. My dude thinks this is hilarious and now joins in. For example, sometimes when my boy kisses me he’ll make sure to do it three times and then playfully smile and say,“Sets of three!” It actually makes it better that he’s made it into a game. The fact that I’m crazy doesn’t scare him off. It amuses him.

 Confession # 10

I’m starting to become more comfortable with my decent-sized boobs. I don’t think they’re too big anymore. B is a nice size for me. The other day I stared at them in the mirror with approval. They are actually very nice boobies. Though I did notice that my right is slightly bigger than my left.

Okay your turn…. ‘Fess up!

42 thoughts on “Confessions of a 21 year old with a slight crazy bone.

  1. This is a really good post!!! I’m turning 25 in November – I’m going to DIE!!!! lol! I’m incredibly afraid of doctors too! haha! but when they are at a distance and I have ALL my clothes on it’s ok! I refuse to take off any clothes haha! if a doctor wants to listen to my heart, he has to do that when I have my t-shirt ON! hahaha! that is just stupid of me haha!

  2. Meg says:

    lol! sets of three so robby doesn’t die. So thoughtful of you to take the extra time out of your day just to ensure his safety. I shouldn’t really talk though I check under my bed and in my closet every night. Even though there is so much crap under my bed a human could not fit under there. I also often sleep with my door locked and chair infront of it. pahaha anxiety, you know.

    my right is also larger–soul mates!

    I’m very angry! I scare my roommates haha. I never yell at them but i just randomly yell at intimate objects. Today I called my computer a fat whore. Sometimes if I’m angry and what i’m angry about is not the least bit rational i will take it out in the privacy of my own room on basically every object i have in there (desk, bed, computer cables etc) haha i need spring break to de-stress.

    • Meg says:

      ps. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Preventative health care is THE BEST WAY TO STAY HEALTHY! haha

      it’s not that bad I promise. don’t even go to the gyno just go to regular doctor at least lol

      it’s because I love you.

      • meggie, you’re such a good second mommy to me. baha. 😉

        LOL at the calling your computer a fat whore. i seriously burst into laughter. i think because i know how you get with inanimate objects.
        or driving…HAHAHA. 😛

      • I’m so sorry, I know that must blow big time! I’ve been somewhere sialimr and honestly, I don’t know what to do, or if there is anything to do (except just tell him, and that’s something I just don’t see you doing, right?)I kind of like her hair. It looks like me on a windy day, I have so thin and brittle hair. haha []

  3. jin says:

    Hey so i actually went to get my girly exam 2 days ago.
    im not gonna lie it felt……weird. but i survived thru it! Do u know what that means? That meansvu can do it too!!!! Lol

    It was my first time too. I was actually so freaking out that i was litterally shacking for the whole time i was there. but like i said, im still here writing this comment lol

    Its needed esoecially girls in relationships.
    Go get it done u can do it!!!! 🙂

    • It was a pleasure fiallny seeing you live with Foreign Exchange in Austin, TX. Was also my first time seeing Phonte, Nicolay, Zo and Jean Jolly. I’ve purchased cds from all of you and my ipod is wearing it out lol. Wish you both the best. Hoping you both come close enough for me to see y’all. Peace and love

      • Loving soemone is nice. Loving soemone taken is hard, though. I honestly would drive myself nuts too and thus I give you big hug. You could tell but that’s just as scary.The drawing is nice. Charcoal, right? I do like the hair for some reason but just can’t figure out why. Hmm []

  4. Oh girl no, you have to go to the gynecologist. It’s not my favorite visit either. But seriously, it’s only like three seconds of a slightly uncomfortable feeling and you’re done.

  5. LOL @ confession 6 – my teledex (old fashioned phone thing) looks like that. If I’m not likely to remember what someone’s name is I write them in under what they do for a job!

    And confession 8 – I think my kids are doing that to me! 🙂

  6. doctor thoughts: see if you can get a friend to go along as your hand holder (I’ve done it – in the room while the doc did the exam). Also, ask to have the doc/nurses NOT wear lab coats. White coat fear is often a big part of doctor fear.

    for needle work: turn the other way AND close your eyes. If necessary, ask the doc to use a topical numbing creme so you don’t even feel the prick – though seeing it is what freaks most people.

    I’m HORRIBLE with names and now tell people that as I meet them… “I’m terrible with names. I’ll probably forget yours before I finish this sentence. Please don’t take it personally… I’ll remember your face.”

  7. I really do need to get my girly parts checked.

    GO NOW. I survived cervical cancer, but not everyone is so lucky. GO NOW. The exam doesn’t hurt a bit. If you want to have children you need to get over this now. Just tell the nurse that you are nervous and have the nurse tell the doctor.

  8. says:

    OC! I have so much to catch up on but always know I am reading about your and your lovely quirks!

    Count ceiling tiles…works for me once a year! It’s over quick.

  9. Ha! Could relate to so much of that. And honest to goodness truth? You’ll never feel older than you did the day you got married, at least not mentally and as long as you avoid the mirror for the most part–there’s something about getting married (and staying that way) that stops the aging process…

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