“She’s married…..And She’s with me!”

I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Unfortunately I became rather sick on Friday, and as I refuse to let sickness keep me from my plans, I’ve overexerted myself the last four days. By overexerted I mean jogging, staying out late every night, and running errands whilst being a sniffly, miserable, croaky-sounding mess. If I had to guess, my stubbornness will probably be the death of me. Today I’ve called it a sick day and am sitting here now looking really hot with Vick’s vapor rub beneath my nose. In class yesterday,my professors may have wanted to kill me as I had coughing attacks throughout every lecture. Is it bad to say this weekend was still totally worth it? Let me explain.



After debating whether to stay home in bed and have my husband take care of me, I opted for downtown with my best dude friend and his girlfriend, who has recently become one of my close friends too.  The three of us danced, laughed and drank the night away and it was easy for me to forget that I wasn’t feeling well. As my best friend goes to school a couple of hours away, I’ve never had the chance to go downtown with him until Friday night. One thing that has always made me giggle about Bryant is how protective he is of the chicks in his life. At one point when a dude walked up to us he quickly informed the guy, matter of factly, “She’s married.” I thankfully sat down on the curb next to Bryant and left poor Priscilla to talk to the dude. Best friend just as quickly informed,“And she’s with me.”  The dude soon walked away,probably disheartened from being banned from two girls within 15 seconds.  We ended the night by eating Taco Bell and  sobering up at a friend’s place nearby, where I tipsily gave my best friend a letter I had written him. It was ready to be sent to his apartment, with a stamp and everything. However, it had been in my purse a little too long and was a little too roughed up to be sent via mail. I handed it to him and he excitedly informed me “I have your gift in the car!” My gift!? This was actually his birthday weekend, so I felt a little guilty but still giddy. I love gifts. Especially gifts of broke college students. I got two boxes of Ramen noodles! There were actually a lot more but Bryant informed me, “I had more for you but I was hungry and ate the rest.” So I happily walked up to my doorstep at almost 5 in the morning with two boxes of Ramen and a handful of nice new memories under my belt (aka short little purple dress.) Can I be 21 forever,please?



Lunch with a couple of girlfriends at Catfish Parlour. A new place for me, which I can add to my goal list of going 15 new places this year. Such a neat joint too. Unlimited hush puppy sticks AND all you can eat beans and cole slaw. Hush puppy sticks,y’all!

Later that night we bowled with friends. I was, as usual, awful. I don’t bowl for the bowling. I bowl for the full bar,the friends and the food. And throwing a big ball after a long week feels good too, despite the fact that it ends up in the gutter quite a lot.


Tried a funky little Cajun place called Razzoos. I had my first fried alligator (yum) AND I had my first fishbowl. What is a fishbowl you may ask? Ahem,

Fishbowl according to Christina= An actual fishbowl (aka a bowl that fish usually go in) full of fruity liquor goodness.


I was lucky enough to spend another night with my lovely friends and the husband, bowling and drinking fishless fishbowls. Two days later I’m paying for my fabulous weekend. I plan to alternate between nose-blowing,bathroom-going and Judge Judy. Despite my stupidity, I’m feeling pretty warm (maybe that’s just a fever…) and thankful. I’m thankful for my dude, who has promised to cancel his plans to take care of me tonight. I’m thankful that my best friend is dating someone whom I have heaps of inside jokes and fun hanging out with even when he’s not around. I’m thankful for bowling and drinks and fishbowls. I’m especially thankful to have such caring,wonderful people in my life; A good friend of mine is even going to take me and hold my hand at the doctor’s today. My fear of anything medical is soon to be faced, in some small way. I can do this. I swear though, if they get a needle near me I may cause some trouble.

9 thoughts on ““She’s married…..And She’s with me!”

      • Wow! (Literally, lool.) What an origiaal plot! I don’t have I’ve ever heard of anyhitng remotely like this before. Must be hirlarious reading! Then again, maybe it’ll turn out to be a bittersweet kind of novel….Gotta check it out, regardless!Thanks for sharing!(BTW, my blog name has changed. It was “Twilight and Other Dreams”. Now it’s “A Night’s Dream of Books”. I figured people would assume my blog was some sort of a Twilight fan site, which it’s not. I just happen to LOVE the series, so I did highlight it on my blog, to a certain extent.)

  1. I remember when I used to do mad things like burning the candle at both ends. Now it takes too many days to recover LOL. I think you are the same age as my daughter – I get exhausted listening to her weekends! 🙂

  2. priscilla says:

    Haha gurl u can always make me laugh haha i guess me spittin in his drink makes me protective 2 lol fishbowlsssss. rude.get better

  3. there used to be a place here (Long Beach, CA) that served drinks in beach BUCKETS. Awesome!

    I don’t bowl because I’m so terrible at it. But when I knew a bunch of people in a league, I’d go along and make fun of them (and sell their raffle tix for them) and drink!

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