Pulled Heartstrings, Free Sushi and Cute Coffee Dates.

It’s been another great weekend. So of course I have to share it with y’all! 


After happy hour with a close friend, husband and I went to babysit. Gwen, my boss/the lady I nanny for, invited us both over to drink her beer, eat pizza and watch her kids. (And uh, we got paid for this.)  She’s pretty awesome and I adore her three little girls a whole lot. I pretty much turned to goo watching my husband interact with the little ones, especially Miss Mary. She’s four and obviously a bit rowdy at times;  Because of this her and my boy seemed to click extremely well. Robby is very much like a big kid and the two of them ended up in a plastic sword fight and watching Scooby Doo 2 together. It kind of tugged at my heartstrings a bunch and reminded me that I’d really like him to be my baby daddy one day. When I’m about 75 or so. Maybe a little younger. Maybe.


I mostly lounged around and did nothing until late in the evening, which was awesome and much needed. Later that evening hubby and I had a couples dinner/drink night with our close buddies Tessa and Allen. Allen brought over fancy drink concoctions and Robby grilled stuffed jalapenos and chicken. This night also included a cheesy horror movie and snuggling up to Tessa on the couch. Two things you should know about me: I love cheesy horror movies and snuggling with girlfriends.


I shall pronounce this Sunday The Jenn Day. Why? Because I saw my former coworker/ friend Jennifer AND my fellow blogger friend Jenny both in one day. Yay.

Jennifer and I had planned on watching a movie and drinking wine at my place, but she came over hungry. She also offered to buy me food. I don’t turn down free food. So sushi dominated the movie/wine idea. Obviously.

Later, I met up with Jenny for a cute little coffee date. She and I originally met through blogging and just met in person about a month ago. Today was only our second time to meet up but, perhaps because we knew so much about the other beforehand, it definitely didn’t seem that way.  In fact, she sent me a text just a few minutes ago saying, “I feel like it’s been the 50th time we’ve hung out instead of our second” This may also have something to do with the fact that I am a random, insane blabber mouth. We had seen each other for about 30 seconds and were in line for coffee today when I announced that I had once accidentally gotten jalapeno remnants on my vagina. This is probably 50th meeting time information, but I tend to awkwardly kill boundaries pretty quickly.

Finally, I must mention the voicemail my best friend sent me today. She’ll be visiting me on the 17th of this month and called today to mention a couple of ideas for said visit. It’s hilarious to me because it perfectly showcased how extremely strange we are together. (Or apart, but especially together.) Here’s what she had to say:

“….I was thinking of things that we could do when I come see you. We’re gonna do our music video. I was thinking we could do a Katy Perry song or something……Or Lady Gaga…..Also, I was wondering if you had a curling iron, because I think it would really be funny to *laugh* ……it’s not funny that’s why it’s funny,…..I think it’d be fun to take a few hours and just curl our whole entire heads. Like, spiral curls. Anyway. Call me when you get this. Love you,bye.”

My anticipation is growing.

22 thoughts on “Pulled Heartstrings, Free Sushi and Cute Coffee Dates.

  1. Ah, I knew you would pick a good picture. Haha I had so much fun getting coffee with you! The whole write-up of your jalapeno incident made me LOL (I’m laughing with you, not at you) :p

    What movie did you watch? I saw Horrible Bosses on Friday and it was soooooooooo funny.

  2. Meg says:

    lol! I just keep getting this mental image of you with your whole head in spiral curls and I laugh. Mine will probably fall, but I know your hair will stay very tightly curled ahaha.<3

  3. I call SHENANIGANS… you tease us with the jalapeno story but don’t provide the details?!? At least tell us how it happened… otherwise I will concoct absolutely perverse stories of my own!

    • ahahhaha. short story: i was making stuffed jalapeno peppers. i rubbed my eyes. it hurt. i took a shower and decided to wash the rest of my body off before i realized i hadn’t washed it off my hands yet. you can probably guess what happened from there. 😛

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