Christina’s Life Report

The past few weeks have completely flown by.

There is just so much awesome happening lately and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. I’ve started writing for my university newspaper and just completed week three of an on-campus radio show. Yesterday, I received an A for a 23 minute presentation in which I taught my Persuasive Communication class. (I always panic before a presentation but this panic mostly ceases when I start presenting and remember how much I, in fact, love talking.) I’m still enjoying modeling occasionally as a hobby. My fourth race of the year is at the end of this month. A couple of weeks back, I was asked to review a fitness tracker for, which I’ll get to keep for free. Knowing my blog is being recognized as part of the fitness/health internet world is all sorts of exciting. My husband and I just celebrated three years of marriage, I’m a nanny to two-year old twins who have stolen a huge chunk of my heart and my friends are a constant source of happiness and inspiration. In a nutshell, things are pretty darn good over in my neck of the woods.

Oh! By the time you read this, (I’ve scheduled this to post two days from Saturday,aka right now) I’ll be road-tripping with my husband, exploring a new state and lounging at a bed and breakfast in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I’m super excited and as usual, I need to finish packing. Oklahoma, here we come! Adventures and memory-making shall ensue.

11 thoughts on “Christina’s Life Report

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Aww have fun in Stillwater! I actually have family that live in the area. Haven’t been in ages, but it’s pretty there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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