Happiness and Hula-Hooping

My heart and life feel very full. Just some of what’s contributing to said fullness lately:

  • Getting the opportunity to cover an ACL Live taping of one of my favorite country music artists for the event blog.


  • And bringing the little brother along as my plus one! And a photo booth! Is it obvious who the more normal of the two of us is? Hint: It’s not me.


  • Catching up with some of my favorite homies:


  • My sweet friend Becca surprising me with early baby gifts:


It’s still a little strange to me that I get to dress up my own little person in just a few months.

  • Speaking of which, that soon to be tiny person is kicking around right now. She’s a very active little thing.
  • Nearing 6 months pregnant and still having the featured video spot on the U By Kotex site. It’s a little funny.


  • Finding a long lost ornament from my first married Christmas with hubby. Dated 2009. Now we’ll soon be sharing Christmas 2013 together, and with a baby on the way. Time is so sneaky. But also kind of beautiful sometimes. I have to smile thinking about all of the memories we’ve made and ways that we’ve grown in between these Christmases.
  • christmas09
  • Travel planning
  • Adventure planning
  • Goal accomplishing
  • Having my first job with benefits


  • Getting paid to take pictures and talk to people
  • Slowly becoming a little less clueless about cars. Ahem. This is a Mustang, guys! stangme

I took my first hula-hooping dance class last weekend. We learned synchronized hula-hooping moves to the song “Santa Baby.” This was awesome. Trying new things just never gets old.


I’m a happy hula-hooper, y’all.


26 thoughts on “Happiness and Hula-Hooping

  1. I took a hula class once – it was so much fun! Good for you on the job with benefits. My job has them but I’m under 26 so still on my parents insurance. It’s nice not to have that little extra taken out of my paycheck each month. Um free Kacey Musgraves show? Color me green with envy. I LOVE HER! Also love the jacket you’r wearing next to the car!

  2. synchronized hula hooping? that sounds like *so* much fun – no wonder your heart is so full ❤ hehe, i'm kidding- probably has a lot more to do with your growing baby and a visit from your little brother. aren't brothers the best? happy holidays to you 🙂

  3. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Okay seriously, I want to see a baby bump! How are you 6 months pregnant and I can’t even tell?! You definitely must be one of the lucky ones who get to look normal for so long. 🙂 Also, I love that you got to take a hula hooping class! What fun!

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