Five Exciting Things

Five Exciting Things:


1. My first maternity photo-shoot! I had a blast and was honored when my very talented photographer said I was “a joy to work with” on his page. Thanks to the amazing Dave Blake Photography! maternityshoot3

2. Thus far this year, I’ve completed two 5ks. At the Foam Glow, my friend Becca and I danced in a pool of foam produced by a giant foam machine and were shot with a bountiful amount of colored dye. At Ranger’s Resolution Run, I took a picture with a giant sandwich. Running is only part of the reason I love organized races so very much.foamglow


3. I held a baby python the other day. That was fun.


4. I published my first short story! It was a goal of mine for 2013 and I actually got this up on Amazon Kindle a few months back. I went into a coffee shop one day with absolutely no idea what I was going to write about, but started typing. What eventually came from that was a fictitious story that questioned very real societal conventions. I’ve noticed that there are these different pockets of society, and each one of them seems to tell us that there’s only one way to be happy. And so all of us, in one way or another, are dealing with giving in or not giving into these norms when really what we should be worried about is finding joy wherever we’re at. I am of the humble opinion that there’s many different ways and lifestyles to happiness, and thus my twelve-page short story entitled “Don’t We All” came to be. But not without adding in more of my curiosity-sparkers like love and life and letting go and stuff. It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s mine and I’m very proud of that. (If you want to buy it to read on your electronic device, just click here!)


5. My husband and I leave for ITALY tomorrow morning!!! Ahhhh!! It still hasn’t really sunk in quite yet that such a huge dream of mine is about to come true. Italy. The land of my ancestors and romance and breathtaking architecture and art and all of the CARBS! I’m going there. Tomorrow. And as usual, I need to stop blogging and finish packing. Arrivederci, y’all!


15 thoughts on “Five Exciting Things

  1. Dear Lord Christina, what HAVEN’T you done!?!?! You continue to amaze me…a short story!?!? AMAZING!! Congratulations!! You are my inspiration I swear! Your photos are gorgeous and you hardly look pregnant!! Tiny girl! Have a BLAST in Italy!

  2. you pack so much goodness into your posts – a maternity shoot, a python and a published story.. and a trip to italy?? heavens! your photos look gorgeous, and i’m wishing you the most fun on your vacation – cannot wait to hear about it 🙂

  3. I have heard a number of young mothers comment lately, that they were so into the pregnancy and birth experience, that they actually forgot to prepare for real baby rearing. Once the baby arrived they felt unable to cope with knowing how to care for such a dependent little person. Interesting, I thought.

    • I’ve noticed that a lot in my circle as well! I think a big part of that too is that many young women tend to idealize motherhood and turn it into a fairytale of sorts. Ignorance is bliss so I do understand the idealization on some levels— but having helped so much with my baby brother (I was 17 when he was born and living at home) and nannying babies for years after has not afforded me that luxury lol. Still, I’m very thankful for the experiences because they’ve definitely helped to prepare me for the hard/wonderful/crazy/beautiful realities of parenthood. 😀

  4. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    I just know you guys are having the best time!! I loved the shot you posted of Venice! I can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!

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