Surrounded by Love. And Presents. And Cake.


Last night my husband and I were snuggled up in bed when he suddenly and softly said, “We’re going to have a daughter.” I laughed and confirmed. “I was standing in the nursery and it all of the sudden seemed really real. In a good way.” he told me, and as tends to happen when Robby speaks, my heart melted a little.


We’re five weeks out from my due date now and I still can’t entirely wrap my head around it all. Somewhere around five weeks from now, we’ll be holding the baby girl that we made in our arms. Babies never seemed so insanely, miraculously amazing until I took part in creating one. It blows my mind a little, knowing that I am carrying around a little lady that is not only a part of me and my family, but who is also a part of Robby, his parents, his grandparents. Generations past whom I’ve never had the chance to meet in both family lines, and my daughter is a part of them too. Despite the obvious knowledge that I am unable to asexually reproduce, it is still a little mind-boggling to realize that there is someone growing inside of me who is already so much more than just who and what I am.


Also mind-boggling is that she’s about to be here. Little one has made this pregnancy very easy on me, which has caused most of it to fly by. I didn’t suffer from morning sickness, and I’ve been comfortable frequently traveling throughout the past 9 months. Weight gain has been pretty minimal, I haven’t had any swelling yet (I literally just knocked on wood) and the fact that I can still fit into my pre-baby clothes is saving me a lot of money. I’m still jogging daily, but considering the 5+ pounds of baby I’m currently carrying around, I am proud of myself for that one. Peeing every two seconds and heartburn from hell aside, the past months have mostly been wonderful ones. Easy pregnancy = Easy baby? I shall get back to you on that one. I knocked on wood again.


Despite fluctuating hormones, if there is one feeling that has stayed with me the most over the months, it is how blessed I feel. I feel so very blessed. To have a husband who I am so completely smitten with, who I adore a little more as each moment fades into the next, and to know that those feelings are reciprocated. To have in-laws who go out of their way to constantly help out in whatever way that they can. To have parents who throw me a lovely baby shower, and to feel so overwhelmingly loved and spoiled by so many at said event. To even have a friend fly down for the weekend from New Mexico, just so she could be present at my baby shower. To spend that same evening with my cousin and her four-month old baby girl, and to plan out her and Brynlee’s best friendship before one of them is even born. To know that if they are anything like the two of us were and still are, that there will be countless nights of giggle, mischief-filled sleepovers, and then hysterical laughing about sleepover memories 15 years later. To have a family as close as mine, and to know how fortunate that makes me. And Brynlee too. Oh my goodness, she is one lucky little girl. To be completely surrounded by so much love and to not even know it yet. But she will. I sure do.

More baby shower pictures: (Some are from my photographer grandma’s camera and some are from my iPhone, so do forgive the different photo qualities)

Gal pals –


Miss Katie, the sweet lady who flew from New Mexico to celebrate my growing family –


I really loved that cake. –


Having a little chat with my five-year-old sister –


All of the baby things! –


Game playing. It would appear that Robby’s mom is cheating. –


My daddy and sister. D’aww. –


So much cousin love. –


She’s almost here, y’all!


18 thoughts on “Surrounded by Love. And Presents. And Cake.

  1. I am so excited for you!!! Your seriously experiencing such a lucky pregnancy, I can’t believe it!! I hope I stay as adorable as you have should I decide to get pregnant! 😉

  2. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Oh girl, I hope I have a pregnancy like yours! What a wonderful blessing! My mom loved being pregnant, but my sister had miserable pregnancies. I really hope I’ll be more like my mom and you!! 🙂

    Also, oh my goodness, I can’t believe she will be here in FIVE weeks!! So so so so so exciting! 🙂

  3. Oh daughters are the most wonderful gift. Congratulations and best wishes for the coming weeks. You do look tiny – I was like a balloon whenever pregnant, all belly and stick arms and legs. Maybe I was more like one of those stick people car stickers!

  4. 5 weeks and you’re barely showing. wow!!
    heartburn = long hair on the baby. so the wive’s tale goes… and frequently pans out
    love the cake!
    love your sister’s plumeria headband!!

    • She does have hair already! We saw in the ultrasound months ago. So I think this may be an accurate wive’s tale. Isn’t it cute? She (sister) is way more girly than I ever was at her age….and I love it!

      • you saw the hair in the ultrasound? I usually can’t even see the baby!! did you get a 3D ultrasound?

        I think of you at the gym because there’s a woman who’s till 2 or 3 months from delivering but looks ready to burst at any second… and there you are, practically ready to burst and not even showing!!

    • Aww, that is so so sweet of you! And reminds me I still need to send you that postcard! I am registered on Target, I think I’m the only Christina Boudreaux. And my email address on the blog is accurate ( if you want to send me your home address! 🙂

      • ah, yes, you are the only one registered. I’m cracking up at your diaper list… “wants 1; needs 1″… should be more like wants 100!!

        i’ve bookmarked you so I can contemplate what I want to send.

        Home addy for me (I don’t care who sees it): 2500 Chestnut Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806

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