First Mother’s Day

This past Saturday, I found myself ever so slightly perturbed with that darling husband of mine. I had been asking, make that practically begging, him to get a haircut since before Bryn was born. His head was beginning to resemble a mop. Saturday night we were going out to celebrate my first Mother’s Day, and still no haircut. I finally nearly pushed him out the door late that afternoon and told him not to come back until his hair was cut. Subtlety has never been a strong suit of mine.

He came back with not only his hair neatly cut, but a cute card and a dozen red roses. My annoyance instantly disappeared.


But what made me smile the most was not the card or the roses or even the haircut (close second though.) What put the silliest grin on my face was checking on Bryn, napping in her swing, and doing a double take upon seeing an envelope nearly half her size resting in her lap. Written on said envelope was “Mom”, and inside my very first Mother’s Day card from Miss Bryn. How she found the time to sneak out of that swing to buy and sign such a sweet card, I still haven’t figured out. My guess is she has a pretty fantastic ghost signer.

My very first Mother’s Day as a mommy:

Date night –



Card from in-laws that had me nearly teary –


From dude and daughter –




Dude and daughter –


Y’all. MY HEART! What an incredibly blessed mommy I am.


15 thoughts on “First Mother’s Day

  1. what did I miss, what did I miss, what did I miss…. I leave you for several years and suddenly you are a Mum? Congrats and cute 🙂

  2. Maybe I should write a macro so I can comment “AWWWWWWWWWW!!” to your posts with a single key-stroke! The cards are sooo nice… and the pic of Robbie & Bryn… and you are SO STUPIDLY THIN ALREADY!! Happy 1st Mother’s Day!

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