5k. Baby. Mop. Boat. Etc.

LFE IS BUSY. And fantastic. A sample platter of updates:


Bryn joined me for her first post-womb 5k last weekend. The Caleb 5k honors a family friend who passed away years ago. It was the first time I’ve ever been emotional picking up a race packet, and also the most meaningful race I’ve ever had the chance to run. I’m so very glad my favorite little lady got to be my sidekick for such a special three (.1) miles.


Speaking of my favorite little lady. She’s three months old now. What?! Stop this speeding by stuff, time.


This past Monday, my dude and I took our boat out for the first time this summer. It was a beautiful, albeit hot, day spent on Lake Austin with that wonderful baby daddy of mine.


Occasionally I get paid to work from home. Other times I get paid to organize silly pictures with friends. Most always I really love my job.

fam newulm

Weekends spent at the in-law’s always consist of delicious meals, gorgeous scenery and fantastic company. My soul feels refreshed every time I come back from a visit in New Ulm, Texas.



My dear friend Hannah is in town for the summer, so we plan weekly shenanigans accordingly. This past week it was happy hour at a wine bar with an incredible view of the Texas Hill Country. On the way back to her apartment, we took a photo with a lone mop randomly placed in our elevator and then scurried back to my car in the pouring rain. We drove back to her place soaking wet and laughing in glee. Wine and a mop and frolicking in the midst of a storm. It was all very romantic.

What more could I ask for? I have a beautiful family, amazing friends and so many incredible adventures both behind and in front of me. Life is the best.

10 thoughts on “5k. Baby. Mop. Boat. Etc.

  1. I love that you are bringing baby B running with you! YES! I also love that this race was so special. YOU HAVE A BOAT!? How did I not know this..I knew you went on a boat a lot…but never realized it was your own. Too legit.

  2. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Such a good life you lead, friend! Love your sweet little baby girls’ cheeks! She is just so cute. I can’t believe she’s 3 months old already.

  3. aww, running with your daughter by your side? how sweet is that. and i love love love how you manage to love on your hubby and make time for your friends even with a teeny baby at home! gotta keep the balance 🙂

  4. Your in laws are so cute! What kind of dog do they have?! I noticed one in one of the pictures, haha. And your daughter. Oh me oh my, she is too cute. I can’t believe she’s three months old, either! Love her red hair 🙂

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