Mishaps, Surprises And A Half Marathon

The past week and a half has been crazy, busy, stressful and packed full of sweet surprises and blissful reminders.


My daughter ate deodorant (Poison Control assured me she’d be just fine), my relatively new, usually perfect car refused to start, my debit card somehow got demagnetized and I accidentally hit on and probably terrified an attractive man. Let me explain that last part. Husband and I were walking out of date night at Punch Bowl Social and had just acquired some new photo-booth photos. I waved the new photos in front of my husband’s face and said “Lookit how cute we are!” Except it wasn’t my husband. Robby had politely opened the door for some folks and I was waving photos in front of a cute, probably terrified stranger. We both nervously laughed as I mumbled an explanation, and proceeded to quickly find our respective parties. Both myself and my respective actual husband proceeded to laugh at me a lot.

Now onto the sweet surprises and blissful reminders.


My best dude friend randomly texted one evening last week asking if it was too late for dinner. He lives in San Antonio, but was in town for an interview the next day. I couldn’t help but smile at his typical impromptu plans. It was wonderful sharing unplanned drinks, stories and laughs with one of my favorite people of nearly nine years.



On Saturday, a gal pal and I made a mini road-trip to San Marcos to run Moe’s Better Half Marathon. The weather was cold, wet and windy, but I was giddy to run my third half and join Becca as she popped her half marathon cherry. This was also my first half to run with a friend, and despite the fact that we were running in icy rain, I loved most every second of it. Never has 13.1 miles gone by so fast as when I was chatting, giggling and maybe even once peeing in a bush with my lovely friend. After we crossed the finish line, we rewarded our accomplishment with an incredible brunch at downtown San Marcos’ Root Cellar Cafe. The restaurant was cozy and quaint, the presentation was gorgeous and the meal absolutely scrumptious. I was double fistin’ with coffee and mimosas. Paradise. It was exactly the brunch destination I envisioned treating myself to after an especially long morning run. It definitely didn’t hurt that the company was also pretty excellent.



As part of my adventure of the day today, I visited the specialty beer store that is Hamrick’s Market. I was thinking the cashier looked familiar and was trying to place him when he asked, “Did you used to work at Target?” I remembered then. Jacob and his best friend were two of my favorite, most entertaining customers. As he was updating me on his life Mr. Jacob told me that he and his pal were about to become roommates. With amusement in his tone he added, “But it’s not like that.” Apparently I had once assumed him and his pal were lovers. I was tickled that, after five years, he not only remembered me but also my word vomit.


Mishaps aside, life has been giving me butterflies lately. I am infatuated with the love, the joys, the opportunities and the exciting possibilities that are filling my days.


I think it should be noted that, on the two different occasions that my car wouldn’t start, two people I hadn’t known five minutes prior helped to jump-start my vehicle. A reminder to never underestimate the kindness of strangers. A reminder that there is beauty to even the moments in which things go wrong. A gentle nudge to remember the rest of these perfect moments, in which everything goes so very right.


10 thoughts on “Mishaps, Surprises And A Half Marathon

  1. What an adventurous read! Cars not starting are the worst, thank goodness for kind souls to help. YAHOOOO on your half marathon. Did you train for it? Or are you just THAT awesome?

  2. in no order: a reminder to buy a new battery. double-fisting coffee & mimosas is great (though, most of the time I hit brunch late and it’s warm and I just do mimosas). i don’t know how you run… i hated it even when my knees worked. Great pick of Bryn and Robbie! Thought I was going to do last-minute plans with someone tonight but it didn’t happen. Love the pic/stranger story.

    You can appreciate that I ended my night at the newly owned dive bar across the street. Shockingly busy (used to always be 1 or 2 customers). I had a great time interjecting random insults & jokes to the convo of a group of younger guys who I didn’t know at all. And I’m super proud for telling them my “how to tell if someone has good ‘tongue talent’ trick* without actually demonstrating it.

    *order a blow job shot for the person. They have to drink it with no hands (normal) but put the whipped cream back in the glass after they’ve swallowed the alcohol. Yes, I can really do that.

  3. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Oh girl that thinking-someone-else-is-your-husband-thing is like my speciality. 😉 I nearly kissed Christopher’s brother once because they look SO much alike from the back (and they were roomies in college so they shared clothes and Michael was wearing Christopher’s hoodie! But I digress…). 😉 I’m forever not paying attention to my surroundings and thinking that someone is Christopher who isn’t at all. 😉

  4. love that you and your friend made impromptu plans like that! it’s always the best when people are ready to drop everything and hang out. know what else is awesome? making funny memories in the bushes with your gal pals 🙂

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