Sushi Tasting at Soto

Last week I had the pleasure of partaking in a blog food tasting for Soto, a sushi restaurant in my neck of the woods.


And just like that I have a new favorite sushi joint.

Soto sits in a strip mall and is the more or less the definition of the word unassuming. I had driven by this place on my way to my nearest Ross countless times without even realizing. It’s a gem amongst hidden gems, this restaurant, and it would be a sin not to let the rest of the world know Soto exists.

I was surprised I hadn’t at least noticed the entrance of this place before. They definitely do what they can with a strip mall setting, what with the tall, dark and handsome door and all. But as soon as I walked in, I was transported to another world. Upon leaving later that evening, I was a little shocked by the realization that I was still in a strip mall. I was pretty sure I had been transported to paradise or sushi heaven, what with the ambience and romantic lighting and food that had me like whoa.


Let me get to that food now.

I started off with the amouse bouse aka edamame mousse. This had the consistency of hummus and the salty, delicious flavoring of seasoned edamame. This means I was literally licking the shot glass to get every last taste. I’m a classy lady, what can I say.

While I waited for my next course I sipped on the Golden Rod, Soto’s signature cocktail of the evening. Pear Vodka, Lemon juice, champagne and St. Jermaine Liquour….Need I say more? Okay, really I just wanted to rhyme there. I loved the mix of the bubbly with the slightly sweet pear and lemon flavors.


Next came the Wild King salmon draped over lemongrass. This dish was ON FIRE, y’all. No really, it was. The presentation was almost as incredible as the salmon itself. The five-year-old in me loved getting to choose when to blow the fire out of my salmon dish. The adult in me loved the coffee beans soaked in 151 under the fire. The light coffee flavoring paired perfectly with the salmon, and I gobbled all four pieces up before you could say, “Orgasmic fish.” Or something.


The next dish was a favorite of the evening. The Tuna with Foie Grass is finished with shaved summer truffle and chive truffle oil. It was placed on a bed of fried tempura momohayo leaf and okay, I really am salivating as I type this. The texture here was incredible, light but decadent, slightly crunchy and completely heavenly. I’m currently sitting on my couch wishing there was a way to eat things through my computer screen. Technology needs to advance in line with my food preferences, y ‘all.


My last cocktail, the white peach sake-tini, was both delicately sweet yet noticeably earthy. The fact that the peach didn’t drown out the sake made this cocktail a winner winner sushi dinner in my book.



One after one these succulent dishes and tasty drinks came to me, and more and more in love I fell. From the most intriguing tiramisu of my life, complete with a green tea reduction, sans the espresso, to the smoothest sake of my life to the last course, a tart, chilled and fruity palette cleanser, I was completely infatuated and ended my meal feeling refreshed. What with the therapeutic interior and both delicious and exquisitely presented meals, Soto was like a spa for my taste buds and soul. `


My most sincere compliments go to the incredible chef Andy and crew. They completely spoiled me, and if you’re ever in the Austin area I simply cannot recommend this place enough. Now please excuse me as I close my computer screen in a meager attempt not to drool all over the food porn.


4 thoughts on “Sushi Tasting at Soto

  1. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes the best places are hidden in strip malls or unassuming locations? I’m glad you loved your food! That edamame mousse has to be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen! Glad it tasted good though! Haha.

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