Atlanta, 2015

I’ve added a new city to my list of favorites, and its name is Atlanta. I may or may not say this about most new places I visit, but work with me here. I’m just a girl who’s a bit smitten with the world, y’all.


Atlanta Top 10:

1. Monday Night Brewing




So unique. So fun. So many ties. For just $10 dollars a piece my husband and I received an adorable glass and six very generous pours of their tasty brews. Inside and outside were both full of lively crowds, sweet décor and string lights. And let’s not forget ALL OF THE TIES. So many good vibes. So many happy feelings. So got my husband drunk.

2. Brunch on the rooftop at Republic Social House


Bottle of champagne. Cheesy grits. Biscuit with fried chicken and maple syrup. Rooftop views. Need I say more? NO I DON’T. (I’m sorry guys I sometimes scream at you when I’m excited.)

3. Ferris wheel ride at Skyview Atlanta.

. atl12

 I bought a Groupon for this one which also included a box of chocolates, making the evening all the more lovely and romantic. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know how awesome it is until you’re eating it whilst on a ginormous Ferris Wheel showcasing incredible sights of Atlanta from high above. Pretty sure Forrest Gump said something along those lines once.

4. Coffee at Octane


I choose the pour over, which was earthy and herbal and so tasty. Also loved the warehouse-like feel of this place. It was cozy and chill and made my heart smile.

5. Dinner at Canoe


Located on the Chattahoochee, Canoe boasts exquisite views, an outstanding ambience and orgasmic delights. And by delights I mean food, just to clarify.

6. Exploring Senoia




(Leaving my purple mark on Senoia)

The Atlanta area is where Walking Dead is filmed, and being geek fans, this was a definite added bonus for the husband and I. Robby especially turned into an excited man-child when entering the town of Senoia, Georgia – aka Walking Dead’s Woodbury. It’s a picturesque town, which made it all the more perfect for the creepy crap that went down in Woodbury. While buying fudge and cupcakes at the quaintest of ice cream shops, we talked to friendly locals and learned that filming was about to start in the next town over, a literal stone throw away from Senoia. Our next thirty minutes were spent getting as close to this town as possible without getting in trouble from the security standing guard all around. Rebels, the two of us.

7. Brunch at H. Harper Station



Clearly, I really love a good brunch. Atlanta definitely did not disappoint. H. Harper Station is the most adorable of spots, located in an old train station and perfect for breakfast-lunch time. Strong coffee delivered to me in a French press, beautifully presented and completely delicious bagel with smoked trout, and the best, most buttery and crispy tater tots of my life. Yum, yum and YUM.

8. Watching the sunset and sharing kisses on Jackson Street Bridge.


9. Joystick Gamebar



On our last evening in Atlanta, Robby and I were brainstorming on what to do. Old man wanted something chill like bowling, and I was craving the nightlife. When he suggested an arcade, I did some googling and found the perfect in between. Joystick Gamebar provided a bar with old school games such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. I quickly gave up on the games, but fell in love with this place instantaneously just the same. As Robby played Ninja Turtles, I found drinks like chai soda with pecan vodka and ginger beer slushies. I chit-chatted with fun peeps and explored the lounge area, which was full of board games, tacky wallpaper and cat photos. It was pure kitschy, goofy cheese. Never have I felt so at home in a bar. I wandered back to the Pac-Man area in time to see my husband find a gamer buddy, and I inwardly chuckled with love for that nerd of mine. We then ended the night in very serious Connect Four and Jenga competitions.

10. Biking the BeltLine




Um, only one of the best bike rides EVER. The views of downtown Atlanta were spectacular and the day perfect for a bike ride. From tiny doors to gorgeous graffiti and sculpture tree faces, the entire BeltLine is an insanely beautiful, zany, culture-filled work of art. I had barely passed one piece before I was captivated by another. Having a husband who repeatedly rang his bike bell, threw his hands up in the air and tried to play bumper-bikes only added to previously mentioned beautiful zaniness.



So I lied about the top ten because I have to add one more. As always, the moments in between are one of my favorite things about traveling with my dude. It’s fairly easy for me to get caught up in itineraries and doing ALL the things, but with his easygoing nature and calm spirit, Robby always reminds me about what makes our adventures the best. We do.


 On the way back from our small road-trip to Senoia, I was itching to get back for dinner and plans for seeing more of Atlanta. But when we briefly stopped at a gas station and Robby sweetly asked, “Will you buy me a Toostie Pop?”, I just had to smile and slow down. Small a moment as it was, it caught me. Here are the things that are the greatest. Sitting in our rental with my favorite person in a random Georgian town. Making new memories, laughing about things that only make sense to us and enjoying our respective (mine was the bubble gum variety) Pops. We chose to forgo many of the big touristy attractions for things like bike rides, an arcade bar, a brewery covered in ties, little road-trips and strawberry-flavored suckers. And this was the very best of decisions.

Another one of my best decisions? Choosing the above guy as my lifelong partner in crime and travel buddy. My heart fills with joy when thinking about the memories made throughout our many explorations in the past seven years. Thanks for adding some pretty spectacular adventures to that list, Atlanta.


15 thoughts on “Atlanta, 2015

  1. B says:

    It looks like a wonderful time! I’m jealous of your trip to Woodbury! Atlanta is on my list to visit, hopefully I get there soon!

  2. WEEEEE!!! I have added this coffee shop with the fantastic pour over to my list of must see’s! Perhaps you can meet me there for a cup. 😉

  3. haven’t read yet. just wanted to say I’m glad you’re here. when your instagram was deleted I got worried (very few people your age actually put in the effort to delete things)

    • Haha aw! I actually just decided to stick to one Instagram account, I’m not sure what I was thinking assuming I’d have time for two. So now all of the things are just on the one >> It’s christinadventuresatx ! 🙂

      • oh, cool. i’ll have to bookmark that one.
        currently reading the post:
        i know lots of peeps who love Atlanta. $10??!? I didn’t read yelling (volume), I read emphasis (tone).Love Groupon. Do you guys have GoldStar? I love that wwaaaaaaayyy the most. I have yet to experience a good pour over. Good call on getting as close as you can. Once in a blue moon, that leads to being an extra. Who took the bridge kiss photo!? I’ve been wanting to find someone to visit a retro arcade with me (bonus that it’s flat fee for an hour of games). Do you tour bike a lot*? My friends freaked out when I made them do that with me in San Diego… but they ended up loving it. Bonus points for “do ALL the things” (you know what it’s from?). Ahhhh… happy ending. I like the way you tour – that’s my kind of thing too. I’d rather experience the local life & meet peeps than the “classic tourist attractions”.

        * is a company that organizers tours, around the world, on bicycles.

  4. “I’m just a girl who’s a bit smitten with the world, y’all.” – what a perfect thing to be 🙂 also, i’d never wanted to visit atlanta before, but your post makes me excited to get there – it looks pretty romantic with all those kiss pics (my favorite kind of pic, of course)

    • Yes! I knew I’d have fun because I love all of the travel things but I wasn’t expecting to be as smitten as I was. I cant believe it doesn’t get more hype! But loved it too because it made me feel like I was finding secret treasure. 😉

  5. I have never been to Atlanta or even really seen lots of pictures of it so THANK YOU! Judging by all the brunch you had you clearly did it right. You two are adorable :)) We have a bar just like that with games and such — such a blast!

  6. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Aww you and Robby are adorable! Also, I haven’t been to Atlanta since I was a kid, but you have me wanting to go back! 🙂

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