Hey, Sunshine.

Note: I began this post last Friday night, the last evening of July 2015. A lovely month indeed.

It’s Friday night and I’m on a self-date at Red Horn Coffee and Brewing Company. I’m drinking a coffee stout as we speak, but since it is Friday night I might go a little crazy and drink an actual coffee too. A place that sells both coffee and beer is basically my paradise. The only thing that could top this is if they opened a place next door that sold both books and cabernet by the glass.


Life is sweet right now. July, in all its sweat-inducing humidity, has surprised me by being arguably my favorite month of 2015 thus far. It was fun mixed with a heaping side of self-fulfillment, and the result has me swooning over all of the things.



The month began with travels and my best friend, two of biggest loves. Already a great start, and it was prophetic for the way the rest of July would play out.



I spent my first weekend back in Texas out of town once more, this time at the parent-in-law’s celebrating the 4th of July with my beloved little clan.



I came back to the Austin area and quickly jumped into adventures such as partying in a bathtub with gal pals at Whisler’s, marveling over the stunning views at Driftwood Estate Winery in Wimberley, Texas and face-flopping off of a small cliff into water at Jacob’s Well. My life is a collection of random and sometimes strange thrills. It’s a collection I pride myself on.




July also consisted of a night of laughter on the Riverwalk with two of my best friends, a day of lounging out on the boat with my handsome hubby, and a weekend of poolside beer and margaritas with the cousins.




It’s been bliss, y’all.

But it’s been more than that too. July was also productive and, at times, magnificently inspiring.


I modeled for my first fashion company and covered a cooking class with incredible views and a four-course meal that left me completely mesmerized.


I began volunteering at Dress for Success as an image consultant, which means I get to be a fashion guru for clients and YOU GUYS, IT’S THE BEST EVER. I cannot tell you how happy it made my heart to help dress up and love on the sweetest of ladies for the day. Helping women feel their most beautiful, and as one newly glammed up gal put it, “Like a million bucks” was a feeling that is really hard to top, y’all.


Another recent thing for me? For the first time in my life, I’ve started seeing a therapist. It’s something I should have probably started as a teenager, but nevertheless starting in my mid-twenties has me feeling a new kind of healthy and happy. There’s a lot of feelings I’m coming to terms with and a big amount of self-realization occurring in such a short amount of time. It’s hard and challenging and so wonderful. Vulnerability is something that has terrified me for years, but in allowing myself to be more vulnerable, I have found that I am also allowing myself to feel more alive.


Yesterday I was walking past a manager at work when he greeted me with, “Hey, sunshine!” Not even a handful of minutes later, I walked outside to see another manager who said hello by way of, “What’s up, sunshine?” I informed him that I had just been called sunshine less than five minutes prior to which he responded, “Yeah, you’re sunshine!” Amused by the redundancy, (I wasn’t even wearing yellow!) I texted both my best gal pal and my best dude friend to relay the quick story. Their contrast in responses made me laugh.  Meg replied with a sweet, “You’re bright and light up a room!” Best dude friend’s heartfelt response? “They probably think you’re twelve years old.” Fair enough.

Funny coincidence as it may have been, my new nickname felt fitting just the same. I am visiting pretty places, reading good books and learning and growing in ways that feel monumental. I’m surrounded by adventures and enchanting possibilities and people that I love, and all of this does seem a lot like sunshine. Like a beautiful and radiant summer day. I’m basking in this light for as long as I possibly can.


(Pst – I got that coffee, and it was delicious. If anyone was wondering.)

13 thoughts on “Hey, Sunshine.

  1. This post is the epitome of summer! So much good stuff. Also CONGRATS on starting to see a therapist. I started going irregularly a little less than a year ago and now I’m finally settling into a routine with a new one close to my new place. It is INCREDIBLE to have someone to talk to. And you’re damn right it takes vulnerability! You are brave, you are strong, you ARE sunshine 🙂

  2. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    How is she so big already?! She has been a cutie since birth, but my grace those chubby cheeks and that red hair! Love!

    I love that you are volunteering with Dress for Success! I love that charity!

    Good for you for seeing a therapist! It takes a lot of guts to go that first time, but I know how helpful it can be. *hugs*

    You are sunshine! A bright ray of light and joy! 🙂

  3. How was the coffee stout? fyi: porter has higher alcohol content.
    that last pic looks DELISH
    i LOVELOVELOVE that name badge!!! and good for you for doing that work! I give all my extra clothing to the local women’s shelter because I learned they all have serious shortages of plus sized clothing but lots of plus size clients.
    other positive thought that i forgot thanks to caramel vodka.

    • It was delicious! Dark beers are my favorite. Porters especially though!
      That’s awesome of you to donate! I heard the same thing about plus-sized clothing needs and it’s been very true from what I’ve seen too.
      Yay caramel vodka!

      • I was a light beer drinker till I started hanging out at the microbrewery. Now I’m all about dark beers, esp Porters! fyi: I’ve heard that if you can find it, Ballast Point’s “Victory At Sea” is worth the cost. I think it’s a coffee stout. Can’t remember cause I can’t find it!

  4. thought of you last night. I had some “aged oak porter” what was nearly as sweet at port wine (omg, have tried port wine?? LOVE!!) and followed with a coffee stout, at the only shop in town which has Victory At Sea. I bought a bottle but probably won’t drink it till later in the week.

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