Sipping Wine Out Of Styrofoam Cups

We had taken an empty classroom and turned it into our last minute study break room.

And we’re sipping wine out of Styrofoam cups.


The atmosphere was light and celebratory. I brought the bottle of vino as a “prop” for my group’s regression analysis. We had chosen wine scores and prices as our topic. Weeks ago I had jokingly asked the professor if this would be an appropriate research topic for stats. Turns out, it was.

When our stats prof walked into our study room to find us all mingling, I asked her if she’d like a glass of wine. Our cohort was in chuckles as she politely and amusedly declined.

Tuesday night I completed my first semester of grad school.

I was sick and miserably attempting not to cough up an entire lung throughout presentations and four hours of class.

And yet, I’m still smiling with memories of the evening.

It may have been presentation night, but we kind of made it into our own little party.

Sam shared cookies from the cafeteria, offering them up in that delightful English accent of his.

In the 45 minutes we had to spare between classes, part of the crew made a fast food run. Jake delivered vanilla milkshakes to Tracy and I upon his return.

Much of the evening was spent in laughter. And cohort inside jokes. And impromptu second presentations filled with more laughter. Did I mention wine and vanilla milkshakes?

Finals are over and now I’m getting a month long break from how and with whom I’ll be spending roughly the next 1.75 years of my life.

I’m giddy looking at the stack of non-school related books I’ll finally get to binge read and thinking about the family-filled holiday memories that I’ll be able to completely devote myself to making.

Still, I’m already just a bit sad for the day I’ll graduate with my MBA.

Because I know I’ll be looking back, thinking of nights like this. When we sat around laughing, drinking wine out of Styrofoam cups.

8 thoughts on “Sipping Wine Out Of Styrofoam Cups

  1. OMG F YES!!! BUH BYE 1st semester of grad school!!!! I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS DONE WITH MY first semester, sadly, I had NO BREAK in between the 1st & 2nd… Just a week, but man, did I LOVE THAT WEEK! ha ha ah aha ha ah! When I was completely done, Holy HELL —– I did back flips off a 50 story building with excitement!!! I am pretty bad ass, and didn’t die while doing that either! LOL!

  2. Congrats on finishing your first semester of grad school!! I am so glad you’re soaking up every moment of it and just enjoying the ride. Enjoy your time off (holidays! books! family time!) and have fun this month. Also, I love your hair 🙂

  3. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Hooray for finishing your first semester strong! You go, girl! Sounds like you have some pretty great friends to do this program with! 🙂

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