Murder Mystery Weekend at Crystal River Inn

Two weekends ago I was presented with arguably my most unique blogging adventure yet.


I was invited to murder mystery weekend at the Crystal River Inn. It was such a killer experience. (Get it? Killer?! And it was murder mystery weekend?! Okay, please excuse me for being really terrible at puns.)


Two of my favorite ladies and I arrived on Friday evening to the Crystal River Inn in San Marcos, Texas. The Austin traffic had us running slightly late, so we quickly ran into the next room to change into our costumes for the weekend. Already we were in fits of giggles, which was a good indicator for how the rest of the weekend would play out. Rachel donned an 1800’s style dress, playing her role as the sweet but secretly adulterous Maggie. Shannon rocked her top hat and tuxedo ensemble as the town Senator. Me? I was Crider, the hillbilly of San Marcos, so I went for an overall romper paired with a white t-shirt and boots. And a straw hat, of course. To the amusement of my lady loves, I also took the liberty of stealing my husband’s southern accent for the weekend.


We were ready to roll. Or, uh, rearin’ to go, y’all. The three of us were the youngsters of the group, but this didn’t deter the group comradery in the slightest. Almost as soon as we sat down with the crew, we were in complete stitches. After being handed champagne and sheets that described our characters with light instructions on how to proceed, the fun began. Because it was an all female group, many of us were given male characters to play. The gal who played the role of Rachel’s secret lover began with this unexpected line.

“Hiding this secret from everyone is just getting so hard. Amongst other things, if you know what I’m saying.”

I think my little group had a mixed reaction of equal parts gasping and hysterical laughter. We had no idea that this group of ladies would be such raunchy kindred spirits. It’s good to know that we probably won’t mature out of said raunchiness.


The rest of the weekend followed with more surprising delights.


The decadent and beautifully presented meals. A scavenger hunt to find whodunit clues throughout the B&B. Exploring and drinking our way through the charming downtown San Marcos. Sharing the master suite with my gals, and staying up late to drink wine and play Cards Against Humanity in Shannon’s bed. Constant laughter and great conversations with some truly incredible ladies.


It should also be noted that, by the end of the weekend, I had proposed to a lovely lady named Peaches. After a lot of convincing, she agreed to marry me. Thank you in advance for your congratulations.


At the end of our stay, we all voted for best costume and actor. I was surprised and giddy to find out that I had won best actor and another night’s stay at Crystal River Inn. Since my husband let me borrow that southern twang of his, I suppose it’s only fair to share with him that extra night’s stay. I am all kinds of excited to show him the wonder that is the Crystal River Inn.


I’m also pretty pleased that this was the bed and breakfast to take my murder mystery virginity. My gals pals and I were completely swept away by the magic of it all. What an eccentric and mesmerizing weekend, and what a perfect reminder that you’re never too old to play pretend.


Pst- You guys, The Crystal River Inn hosts multiple murder mystery weekends throughout the year. I swear to you, it is absolutely impossible to not have a darn tootin’ good time being a part of this. Unless you’re a stick in the mud. But I’m going to go out on a limb and assume sticks in the mud don’t read my blog. My puns are improving, eh?! Ahem. GO MURDER IT UP, Y’ALL!


(Disclaimer: I was not charged for my weekend at Crystal River Inn, but was otherwise not compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed in this post belong to me!)

8 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Weekend at Crystal River Inn

  1. This is so cute!! I love that there were all different age groups there even though that joke probably made more than one of you guys blush haha. You were a hillbilly hahaha I love it! I would totally do something like that! I’ll have to look out for something like this in Illinois. Thanks for sharing!!

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