Cedro Tasting

Note: I’m posting this at 10pm on a Monday, but as you will soon realize, I wrote most of it on a Friday at 3am.cedro

I recently had a blog tasting at one of my now favorite Italian eateries in town. If you live in or are visiting the Austin area, may I suggest skedaddling to Cedro Ristorante? If you’re struggling with this decision, I have two words for you. Creamy Polenta. Decadent Tiramisu. Delectable Bolognese. I meant to stop at two words, but food this good gets me carried away, y’all.


Cedro is a treasure found within a North Austin strip mall. The interior is rustic simplicity mixed with modern flair, and I found myself instantly swept away with the charm of the place.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the manager serving me was my former manager at a jewelry store that I worked at in my undergrad days. Small world, right?! It was so great to catch up with Michelina as she stuffed my face full of all of the delicious things.

Speaking of these delicious things. I’m still swooning over that creamy polenta, you guys. I’m writing this blog at almost 3am so it’s impossible to get right now. And when rich, cheesy, savory polenta plays hard to get, you just want it even more. Then there’s the Bolognese. It’s made with old school Tuscan meat sauce, and if no one else was around I would have ugly slurped this pasta up. Like, I kept telling myself to have self control and save room for dessert and I JUST COULDN’T. I’m making myself hungry in the wee hours of the morning now. Please send help. Or food.


I still ate dessert though, even if I didn’t have room for it. The homemade tiramisu was heavenly, and the cappuccino I was handed paired with it exquisitely. Also, how quaint does eating at a little Italian café with homemade tiramisu and a cappuccino sound?! I want to go do it again, right now. But I can’t. Because it’s 3am.

The moral of this story is that Cedro is delightful and that you should never blog about food at 3am, friends.


6 thoughts on “Cedro Tasting

  1. I love times of day you blog! 3 am!10 pm! My brain is out of commission at those times and I couldn’t put together a coherent post if I wanted to!

    Cedro sounds amazing! I am totally craving polenta now 🙂

  2. 1. Love the new blog name/look.
    2. This looks amazing
    3. Can’t stop the blog desires when they hit! I’ve written many posts in the wee hours of the morning to be posted later. HA.

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