Black Sugar Caffe Blog Tasting

There’s a new eatery in my neck of the woods, and what a tasty one it is.


Black Sugar Caffe recently opened its doors in Cedar Park, and it’s making for an absolutely perfect addition to the neighborhood.

Featuring coffee, pastries, tapas, beer AND wine, Black Sugar offers a variety of culinary delights.


Owner Judy Lu brings pizazz and soul into every part of her café. Whether it be a blue frap with edible glitter or feeding the homeless, this is a place that has as much heart as it does yum.

Judy was kind enough to take a few minutes to share with me her vision for Black Sugar Caffe. That vision is to give back to her community, especially those who are often forgotten, and also to make everyone who walks into her caffe smile. When she shared this with me, I looked around. And I smiled. Because everyone around me was smiling.


It’s not hard to imagine why there is so much smiling involved at Black Sugar. An open and inviting café filled with love and homemade pastries? What’s not to love!? Judy travels the world to find the finest ingredients and to find inspiration for the most creative of recipes. Take the cotton candy latte, for example. This doesn’t just have a cotton candy flavor. There is, in fact, a pile of cotton candy placed on top of the latte. It’s a beauty to look at, especially considering all of said beauty is actually only one teaspoon of sugar.  It dissolves into a coffee with only the slightest bit of sweetness. The crème brulee latte is another source of happiness and entertainment. A small blow torch is brought out to create the brulee topping, making for the most fun and delicious of caffeinated treats. May I suggest asking for a green tea latte with the crème brulee topping? Judy suggested this to me and it’s my new favorite pairing.

I simply can’t wait to introduce my three-year-old to the Galaxy. This blended drink is a mesmerizing  purplish blue and is topped with edible glitter. It tastes just like a marshmallow in drink-form and had the essence of a hyper unicorn. I’m not sure whether my inner child or my food blogging self liked this one more.


As captivating as the Galaxy was, it still might not have been the most fascinating treat I devoured. The Potted Plant dessert is an eight layer cake that looks exactly like…well, a potted plant. Though it definitely appeared that I was eating dirt, I was actually enjoying layer upon layer of butter pound cake with cream cheese, Oreo cookies, and raspberry preserves. Not only would this be a great prank to pull on friends, it would also be one of the most appetizing pranks you could ever pull. Everything at Black Sugar is homemade in their kitchen, and this potted cake and all of its rich layers left me swooning.

The tapas were just as swoon-worthy. The Firecracker is Wonton wrapped, cream-cheese filled, melt-in-your-mouth salmon and this combination makes for the most beautiful of mouth explosions.


The coconut shrimp tacos nearly made me weak at the knees. The crunch of the shrimp and the tangy slaw paired with the soft taco was happiness in each and every bite.


Last but definitely least was the chorizo and bacon wrapped dates. One of my favorites of the day, the saltiness of the meats and the sweetness of the dates was a match made in a food blogger’s heaven.


Judy explained the name to her café to me. Black symbolizes authority while sugar stands for sweetness and love. And using power to make the world a sweeter place? What a delicious statement that makes.




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