West Pecan Coffee + Beer Tasting

I am simply nutty over the newest coffeehouse in town. Well, just slightly out of town.


West Pecan Coffee + Beer is a brand new coffee shop slightly outside of Austin in downtown Pflugerville.

It is all things adorable and amazing and delicious and delightful.

Walking into West Pecan, I was greeted with the smell of strong coffee and the open and inviting atmosphere. You guys, the interior is absolutely gorgeous. Many pieces, including the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, were handmade by the owners.

As if I wasn’t already blown away by the design, a giant and gorgeous flower mural was being painted during my tasting. It felt like the quintessential and quaintest of coffee shop moments, and I was giddy to be there to experience it.


The tasting itself was a caffeine and beer lover’s dream.

Each drink or eat presented to me offered something unique and lovely.

The hand shaken iced tea was refreshing, light and so perfect for a hot summer’s day.

The cortado was strong, smooth and ideal for a morning wake-up call or afternoon pick-me-up.


The S’mores brownie was just the right amount of sweet, and the cheese Danish simply left me googly eyed. Ordering a cheese danish has never been something I do on the regular. But after trying the flaky, buttery, creamy piece of perfection at West Pecan, I will be ordering ridiculous amounts of them.

The Saison comes from Adelbert’s, one of my favorite breweries in Austin. It was slightly fruity and subtly tart and all things that I love about the best saisons.

The cheese plate, oh, the cheese plate. This one comes from Antonelli’s,  an Austin shop famous for its cheese. Prosciutto, olives and a variety of cheesy goodness graced said plate, making it a lovely arrangement of mouthwatering items.


With its picturesque charms, sweet staff and stellar eats and drinks, West Pecan has easily made it to my list of top Austin area coffee shops, and is more than worth the trip to the ‘burbs. I’m currently and eagerly planning a trip back and am seeing a ridiculous amount of cheese danishes in my future.


One thought on “West Pecan Coffee + Beer Tasting

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