Soaking Up Summertime

Life is sweet and full of summertime bliss.


On Saturday, I leave to visit my best friend of fourteen years in Virginia. Or, we’re at least starting in Virginia. We’re also planning on partying in Maryland and beaching it up in Delaware. A little state-hopping, if you will. I am so ecstatic to start making new memories traveling and exploring with the lady love of my life.

But really, summer twenty fifteen has me giddy about a lot of things….

  • I bought a hammock. I’m growing partial to time spent between the trees, a pineapple drink in one hand and a book in the other. Or just staring up at the stars and listening to the crickets chirp. Paradise in my own backyard.


  • Adventuring with my little one has taught me that she’s much better at taking selfies than I am.


  • I’ve been occasionally volunteering at my nearby Alzheimer’s Center for a few years now, so I’ve known program director Bernard for a while. I don’t see him much but love catching up every time I do. His combo of good heart and fun personality makes him a winning human being. He also seems to think I’m pretty cool, and since I’m actually a weirdo, I appreciate that.


  • San Antonio is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities in Texas. This is mostly because two of my favorite people in the entire world reside here. Also because the Riverwalk of San Antone is a lovely place to laugh the night away with said favorites.



  • Date nights with the husband always leave me wonderstruck. Whether we’re eating garlic naan in a cozy cellar followed by being photo-bombed by an extremely tan gentleman (see if you can spot him below…) in downtown Austin or drinking beer out of mason jars in New Ulm, Texas, magic is always made when we’re together. Especially magical when we come home sporting matching dinosaur stamps from da club.
  • dinomatch


  • I don’t know how it’s possible, but my job voluntarily pays me for doing things like organizing lip-dubs and dancing like a tune deaf white girl. You can watch the full embarrassing footage here.
  • workdancbelievin
  • Family moments in my household sometimes include squishing ourselves into tiny children’s forts and capturing the moment with a selfie.



Summer 2015 has me smitten. I’m soaking up the sun and as many of these beautiful moments as I possibly can.

Feels Like Freedom


All of my best friends are single, at least in the unmarried sense. None of my closest pals have kids.

I’m not exactly sure why this is and I don’t really try to overanalyze it. I love my friends and they love me, no matter our relationship and current childbearing statuses. But as studies have shown that birds of a feather do tend to flock together, my guess would be that a small piece of common ground is the mutual love of freedom.

I know it may seem odd to use the word “freedom” when talking about life as a married mommy, but for me being free has always been more of a state of mind than a life situation.


A couple of nights ago I went out with a couple of my favorite ladies. I covered an event in which I badly and proudly white girl danced. I drank wine and got a free massage and talked with strangers and loved on my wonderful friends. And then I went home, giddy to see the two people I love most in the world.

My summer is packed full of lovely and exciting plans. Still, I know that even the biggest of these will not compare to the smallest of moments I have the chance to cherish with Robby and Bryn. The life I’ve built with them is the greatest adventure I’ve ever known.

It is liberating to know that no matter where I may go, there is always so much laughter and love waiting for me to come back to. That no matter what fun plan I may be tending to at the moment, my favorite place in the entire world is wherever my boy and our girl are at.

There is an immeasurable amount of joy in being firmly rooted to a beautiful life. And that makes me feel like I could fly.


I left a bit before my friends did that night. Having a sweet husband who loves his daddy-daughter time, I knew I could easily stay out later. I opted to head home a little earlier not because I had to, but because I just couldn’t wait to get back to that adorable little family of mine. That evening, I danced like no one was watching and then drove back to the two watchful little eyes that I can never get enough of.

That feels like freedom to me.