Anything for Adventure

I am smitten with 2015.


It’s only February, and already the year has been completely packed full of magic.

I’ve brunched in Arlington, Virginia and toured monuments in D.C. with my best friend of thirteen years. I’ve dined–and met the famous PIEMAN– in Round Top, Texas with my handsome hubby at Royer’s Café.


I’ve sipped wine with gal pals in the adorable town of Georgetown, Texas and near an extinct volcano at Pilot’s Knob Vineyard in Bertram. That particular night was spent with my Rachel face and her sweet mama, drinking a delicious red and watching the sunset with a scenic view. It was one of those gorgeous, flawless evenings that I know I will keep with me for a very long time.



I’ve gotten puppy kisses and happy feelings whilst volunteer dog-walking at my local animal shelter, and good conversation with great people while volunteering at my nearby Alzheimer’s Center.


Covering media events has given me the chance to do things like drink wine while trying on fancy-shmancy jewelry, drink more wine in a cooking supply store and eat plenty of delicious food.


Running my first 10k of the year gave me the opportunity to eat complimentary donut holes once crossing the finish line. I do it all for the chocolate glazed, yo.


My little lady is 10 months old now, and she is this outgoing, silly, happy, vivacious bubble of fun. She is a redheaded, blue-eyed version of her daddy, and has us constantly laughing with her antics and sweet personality. Watching her grow has been and continues to be this beautiful, wonderful, wild journey. And raising her with my best friend gives me copious amounts of joy on a daily basis.


This past weekend I had a photo shoot in downtown Austin with one of my favorite photographers. Being navigationally challenged, I got lost trying to meet up with Dave and he had to find me. While shooting, I simultaneously explored new nooks and crannies of my beautiful city. And at the end of the shoot, I had wedged myself into a tiny little nook and cranny in an alleyway by a dumpster to get a good shot. Anything for adventure, y’all.


After the shoot, I sat myself down with a good book, a notebook and a delicious cocktail at Halycon Coffee Lounge. Reading and writing in a coffee shop with a tasty, boozy drink felt a little bit like paradise.


A little over a week ago, I started a project called Adventure Of The Day. I’m challenging myself to try a new escapade every single day, and am chronicling it all at adventureofthedayatx. I can’t tell you how inspirational and invigorating this self-made challenge has already been. Within a week’s time, I was given a spontaneous inside tour of a tea trailer, purchased plane tickets, made a quick jog down to the area of a cave preserve, and climbed to the top of a staircase to get a lovely view of Buda, Texas. Today I tried lavender hot cocoa for the first time, ate a truffle made with six different peppers and took a selfie with a barista. It’s the perfect excuse to do something great even on Mondays. Every morning brings with it the knowledge that something delightful -and often unplanned- will be happening in the very near future. Though I’ve made a career as a social media representative, I’ve been slow to the Instagram game in my personal life and have only occasionally posted on my first handle. Now I find myself giddily anticipating plans and excitedly wondering what my next new experience to post will be.

And I just can’t wait to see what adventures will be awaiting me in the next twenty-four hours. And the twenty-four hours after that. And the….okay, you get it. ADVENTURES AWAIT!


Why The Celebrity And I Aren’t Looking At The Same Camera

This past weekend I ran the Fit Foodie 5k.


 With food and drinks all over the place post-race, it was one my of favorite 5ks of all time. At one point I had a mimosa, an iced coffee and a lettuce wrap all in my possession. AT THE SAME TIME. Food and coffee and mimosas and running are four of my favorite things, and there they were, all together. It was an amazing moment.


After all of this goodness, Alison Sweeney, who was helping host this event, was doing autograph signings. She’s probably most known for her role as host on The Biggest Loser, but I was completely geeking out for another reason. I was that super cool home-schooled teenager who was completely obsessed with the soap opera, Days of our Lives. I told my best friend that the universe must want all of my (very strange) childhood fantasies (aka obsessions) to come true. First I filmed a video piece that was shown at American Idol concerts. Then I randomly ran into the former White Power Ranger. AND NOW THIS?!


But this encounter was not without its difficulties. First, my phone died. I had time after the run, so I decided to go back to my car and charge it for a little while. Only I couldn’t find my car. Finally, I found it, parked about a million miles away. I charged my phone for a little while, and parked closer. Back to the event I went. I got there just in time for the signing. Except when I was got to the front, my phone died. Again. In front of somebody on television that I’m just trying to take a quick picture with. Such is my life, y’all. Luckily, beforehand I had asked nice strangers I was conversing with to take a picture on their phone if mine died. As much as I love running races with friends, I also really love running them solo. They’re one of my favorite ways to get quality alone time while also occasionally chit-chatting with fun new people. Said fun strangers were prepared to take picture, but someone working with Alison also sweetly offered to take a picture and email it to me. But there must have been some confusion, as I was looking at one camera and she was looking at the other. And this, my friends, is how I ended up with two different pictures of a celebrity and I looking at two different cameras.

In conclusion, people are awesome, I am awkward and life is this funny, lovely little thing that I don’t think I ever will get enough of.

Things I like a lot

Some things I like a lot lately:

  • I only ever post to Instagram for work, but I do have my own account just to stalk my friend’s accounts sometimes. There’s a couple of things I love about the below post from buddy Becca.beccains

1. Being referred to as her “adventurous pregnant friend.”

2. Having fun, wonderful people in my life who say yes to the whims of their adventurous pregnant friend.


  • For Valentine’s Day, I requested Krispy Kremes instead of chocolates. Prego craving. Husband came home with flowers, a dozen donuts and a big box of chocolates. He sure knows how to woo a pregnant person.


We decided to avoid the crowds this year and opted for a night in with a heart-shaped pizza. Please note my sexy socks and sweater. Such sexiness would probably be frowned upon in a restaurant setting anyway.


  • Farmer’s market and catching up with long lost friend Emily. And buying homemade strawberry jam. Drool.


  • Chili-fest with the husband. We got to judge our favorites while enjoying a beautiful, Texas day and eating endless cornbread and chili. Yum, y’all.


  • I’m 8 months pregnant! Ah!! Can’t believe how soon we’ll be holding our own little person in our arms. I’m nervous and excited and terrified and giddy and about a thousand other feelings all mixed together. But mostly I just really can’t wait to meet her.


  • My latest food tasting for the event blog was at my local SmashBurger. Usually at tastings, I’ll be given smaller dishes of each meal to try, and still leave completely stuffed. Well. At this ‘tasting’, I was given five (FIVE!) whole burgers, four full orders of fries and two mouthwatering milkshakes. I brought my husband home a multitude of leftovers, and still almost exploded from the massive amount of deliciousness experienced. AND I got invited to the kitchen to smash my own SmashBurger with special burger molds. Needless to say, they now have a fan for life here. Currently salivating thinking about their Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger and Salted Caramel Milkshake. And also the other billion things I ate.
  •  Below is work friend Peter.


He’s really good at unique compliments.

Work friend Peter: “You’re still not showing very much. It must be your faerie blood.”

Followed by this post dedicated to me:


According to Peter, I’m a social media genius with faerie blood. I like the world according to Peter.


  • A couple of nights ago, I was feeling little lady kick a bunch. I was voicing my annoyance to Robby that I couldn’t view my whole stomach to see where she was kicking. He left the room momentarily, reappearing with a mirror so I could get a full view of the tummy. Every time I look at this picture that I quickly snapped of that moment, my heart melts a little.

I like love this life a lot.

New Mexico/Arizona 2013


My New Mexico/Arizona vacation was just as amazing and enchanting (Enchanting is one of my favorite words, and New Mexico is The Land Of Enchantment. How could I not be in love?!) as I hoped it would be. Here’s my trip favorites explained in pictures (and captions! And a video!):

Food. Oh guys, I ate so good. Banana pancakes, cheesy pesto pasta, whipped cream and chocolate covered waffles, jalapeno and pineapple pizza….I could go on. But I’m making myself hungry. So I’ll stop, I guess. :


Las Cruces, New Mexico is known for their wineries. I am known for loving my wine. A rather perfect combination, eh?

wineeWhite Sands, New Mexico. Stunning. And so fun to play in! I asked to borrow sand sleds from young children. They obliged and then their parents offered to take pictures. In other words, I’m five at heart and folks are great.


Ruidoso, New Mexico. Beautiful and quaint shopping area, nestled in the mountains of one of my favorite states.


“The Thing”– Roadside attraction, gas station and museum all in one. Pretty impressive. The oddity of it all made it one of my favorite parts of the trip. It’s not everyday that I walk through a mystery door at a gas station in the middle of nowhere…. To then find myself outside the back of said gas-station looking at exhibits and following giant, painted footsteps from building to building……All whilst wondering what the heck “The Thing” could be. (I’ll save the surprise just in case you’re ever road-tripping Arizona.)



The Rattlesnake Bridge of Tucson:


Downtown Tucson, Arizona. And their adorable coffee shop. And yummy mimosas. And their fun wall art. Heck, I loved everything about downtown Tucson.



The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Basically a humongous zoo, museum and playscape all in one. My kind of place, y’all.:


Mission San Xavier Del Bac. Goosebump-inducingly gorgeous, historic church in Tucson.


Scenic and dazzling views from the ski-lift at Mount Lemmon, Arizona 


Making new friendly acquaintances. I just really love people. And I talk a lot. Katie told me she was half expecting me to walk out in arm-in-arm with a newly befriended person I met on my airplane ride to El Paso. She was half right. I did make a new buddy on the airplane, but she gave me her boarding ticket to look her up Facebook before making her way to the bathroom. In New Mexico, I made friends with a wine host whom we later had dinner with and two girlies at another wine tasting later that week. The owner of the store said that watching the four of us interact gave her goosebumps. I’ll definitely take that as a compliment!


Beautiful views, everywhere we went. From Katie’s backyard all the way to our hotel room in Tucson, the mountainous scenery was absolutely breathtaking.


More pretty views:


Just getting to spend so much time, so many big laughs, so much 90’s-music-karaoke-filled-driving-time and so many fabulous adventures with one of my very best friends.



To wrap things up, here’s a tiny video compilation of just a few of the good times had in New Mexico and Arizona. Caution: Do not watch if you do not want to see what “The Thing” is. Or if you have an understandable fear of white-girl dancing.

Needless to say, I had an absolutely marvelous time visiting Arizona for the first time and revisiting New Mexico with my Katiekins. (Or Katie, if we’re not doing nicknames here.) Life is pretty enchanting stuff, huh?


Who doesn’t like cold pizza or take-home from the night before? This will be my new version of turkey sandwiches and other yummy leftovers…put into a blog. Meaning, all the things that quite didn’t make it into a whole blog of mine will be right here: random opinions,questions, thoughts, happenings, people, etc….all in one place. Unorganized and yummy! Ahem.

Christina’s Leftovers (part I):

-I’m curious, When do you feel the most sexy? This is very odd, but for me it’s in a tank top and HUGE sweat pants of my husbands. I feel uncomfortable and awkward wearing heels and a large amount of makeup.

-Saying “Oh my God, that’s sooooo cliche.”  or any variation of the quote has become the most annoying cliche in itself.  It’s like said cliche-caller-outer feels the need to prove that they are more intelligent and original than anybody who dares say anything about love or life. Okay, we get it.  You’re smarter and more authentic than the rest of the universe. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so damn innovative and let the rest of the boring world go on with their fun.

-Today. Bringing a Mexican friend to a Japanese steakhouse to eat American fried ice-cream is possibly the best idea ever. Not to mention culturally diverse!

– Have you ever noticed that pretty girls always end up with busted guys but hot guys rarely end up with a below average girl? What is up with that? Raise your standards,girls! And dudes, stop being such pigs. The world would balance out a little more. (I don’t sound like a superficial bitch at all right now…)

– One of the things that stuck out most to me in my philosophy class was Ayn Rands “The Fountainhead.”  In the movie version a jack-ass dude asks the main character what he thinks about him. The man responds shortly with  “I don’t.”  I loved that and try to keep the attitude as best I can.  Don’t let people get to you.  It’ll get to them.

-When I came home from work today, my husband was getting out of the shower and smelled of my favorite cologne. He still gets all spruced up for me, even if we’re just chilling at home in our t-shirts and sweats. I’m smiling as I write this.  I mean just lookit him. He’s a cutie.

– Have you heard the Fray’s version of Kanye’s ‘Heartless’ ? It is pure gold. I’ve also been a long time fan of the Fray and find it endearing and sexy to hear them sing things like “homie” and “Doctor Evil.” Hee. While we’re on the topic of entertainment, I would like to mention I am going to miss Jersey Shore tremendously. I am Italian, after all. Fist pumps inserted here.

-Speaking of Italian. I COOKED last night for some of my favorite boys. (and one girl) Spaghetti and meatballs! I made the boys make the brownies. Okay, so I cheated with the meatballs. They were frozen. But I made the spaghetti. Friends and food= Perfection.

I’m craving some real leftovers now.

Sundaes, Girl nights, and Other ways to enjoy your weekend.

I will say I started my weekend very early.  So first off,

-Start early.


– Take numerous pictures with friend’s puppy as you progressively get more drunk.

-Learn your lesson. Bacardi 151 is NOT okay to shoot. It burns, oh how it burns. Lesson learned.

– Make a mess.


-Have a FEAST of junk food with your favorite friend at work. I rarely work with Jenn anymore,and it’s a treat when I do.  I felt like it was a sleepover on the job. We loaded up on pizza, hershey kisses, cinnamon rolls, reeses pizzas, and soda. Why am I not 500 pounds!?

Jenn even wrote my name, slumber party middle school style, in my blog journal…along with a note.  “Hey.. I signed your crack..does it tickle?” Hee.

– Have a double date/Sundae-making-game-night with friends.  Yes, that’s right. I continued eating. What of it?

As if I haven’t had enough to eat, Saturday contains a lot more fattening and delicious food. And even more good company.


-Worked another Saturday by my lonesome at Starbucks. Boo. It was absolutely insane, but luckily almost everyone was cooperative and felt bad for the poor little girl working by herself. (Besides the one lady who told me I was ‘So argumentative’ because I let her know we didn’t carry something.) One older guy let the lady behind him know I was doing my best and went on and on about my sweet spirit and beautiful smile. I was bright as a tomato, I’m sure.

-Second girl’s night at Baby A’s  with my coworker girlfriends.  I love my work girls…. but I always feel the need to go tanning after hanging out with this pretty group.  You can see how obviously white I am in the following pictures:

Here’s the first one:

A better one:

And one with the fun waiter guy:

And here’s what I ate:

Chicken flautas. Yum. Maybe I should have named this blog  ‘How to gain 30 in 3 days.’

Secret Life, Greek Food & Creepy Piano Man.

The makings of a perfect day: Friends,Food, Cheesy teenage drama shows, New places, Old memories, and Maybe a little too much to drink.  Ahem.

-Emily and I had our second t.v. marathon/girls day at her apartment last night.  She has me hooked on this show. Don’t judge me. I watch it, I know it’s a giant cheesy unrealistic mess, and I am still obsessed.  Maybe it’s also the blankets and free food and her new puppy that have me loving her place.

I hadn’t had a Capri-Sun in years! I felt like a kid again.

See!? Her puppy is giving me a case of I-need-a-new-dog-now-itis. Then I remember the huge mess left on my floor last night and I remember two is maybe enough.  Em and I aren’t even on season two yet, so I’ll be seeing this little girl grow up, while also watching teenagers have babies and such. Aw.

At five I headed home, ready for some good food. I’ve never had Greek food before, and I’ve been dying to try.  There’s an adorable little place in our apartment complex called Zakia’s, and it’s been long overdue that I try this one in particular. Brought along a few friends and the husband and hoped for the best.  Right off the bat you can tell this place is authentic.  The owner is this beautiful Greek woman with a lovely accent.  Secondly, the food. Oh, the food. I’ve never even had a gyro before and couldn’t even pronounce it for the life of me until one of the boys pointed to the top of the restaurant. There’s actually a sign for dumbasses like me! “Yee-Roh.” Oh. Yeah,I was way off. But I knew it was pretty much the Greek-est of the Greek and went for it despite my lack of pronunciation skills.  Oh my Gosh. This stuff was heavenly. You’ve got your pita bread stuffed with beef, lamb, and all sorts of other yummy vegetables and a delicious mystery sauce. I’ve never had lamb before either, and it’s a hearty looking and tasting meat.  I’m pretty excited about this place now.  Not only can I walk there, it’s delicious, AND the staff is awesome.  The waiter overheard me talking about my blog and he wanted to know more about it.  He has the link now so I’m actually kind of nervous. Not only that, the owner overheard me (or saw me taking so many pictures) and commented that I was very interesting and also started asking about my blog. Jeeze. If my words don’t do this place enough justice, here’s some more pictures.

This is actually probably the best and most fresh salad I’ve ever had and I gobbled it up pretty quickly.  I usually don’t even like salad, so this says something. I think what made it so delicious was the creamy mint sauce. Mint! Mmm. My mouth is starting to water.

This appetizer was probably second place or even close to tying for first. Buttery, flaky melt in your mouth on the outside and inside you have your spinach and… I think feta cheese? Ah, crap. Whatever it was, it was damn good.

That’s my gyro. It came with a yummy seasoned rice too. I had leftovers that I think I’m about to go warm up now.

I was proud of this picture. Matthew refuses to take pictures so I had him do some pretend finger trick game with me,while Tessa snapped a quick one. Hee. What I’ll do to get a picture.

Oh, and the night’s not over yet, girls and boys.

Tessa,Allen, Robby and I headed over to the downtown area to have a ‘couple’ of drinks and have fun with the friends. A couple turned into more than a couple for everyone but Allen, who was our very responsible d.d. I feel the need to let everyone know we had a d.d… Because we definitely needed one. The night consisted of  pianos, Bailey shots, laying in bed, the first and best Nintendo ever made, and a lot of laughs. You need a visualization, don’t you?

The girls. Tessa intimidates me in this picture.

Um, friendship bracelets?

Nikki and I became pretty fast buddies when she was visiting her boyfriend Topher in good ole Texas. Now she’s here for good! Excited.

DONKEY KONG! I was so ecstatic when I saw they had this Nintendo I let out “You have the special box!!!” Jason laughed hysterically and told me I was five years old.

Speaking of Jason. Notice the three couples. And then…


My drunken self found it rather amusing anyway.

So there you have it. Bed-laying,

Piano playing,

And…Time to stop drinking.

Sad game, Good party.

As I’m sure most of you know, Texas lost last night.  However, it was still a pretty damn good night, for the following reasons:

1. One of the best friends tagged along to the party with me.

2. Lots of food.  I think my favorite was the meatloaf cake.Yes, you heard me right.  It looks like a cake, and tastes like meatloaf. I was in awe.  I think I told the dude who was awesome enough to cook this how amazing it was about a thousand times. Looked a little something like this, but with bacon instead of ketchup (I liked the substitute,not a big ketchup fan.)

3. Leading me to this….Have any of you ever heard of This is why you’re This is where the ‘cake’ maker got the recipe and told me I needed to go check it out. He and a couple others were surprised I’d never heard of it before and mentioned something along the lines of two donuts being used as hamburger buns….WHAT!? I had to see.After seeing this amazing food-filled web site, I’m an instant fan. Go look, go look!

4. Betting with shots. Brittany and I held strong on the bet that if Texas got another touchdown, meatloaf guy takes another shot. It definitely happened. He had his first ever shot of jager. I took one with him but couldn’t finish mine. Ick. I got made fun of a few times by different people for nursing all of my shots that night.  My gag reflex sucks, okay!?

5. Marriage talk! I don’t get to talk about marriage with girls really, ever. No friends of mine or anyone my age is married and my older friends that are married got married years and years ago. There was a lovely couple there that got married the same day as Robby and I. We talked honeymoons,house-buying, and the fact that everyone and our mothers want to know when we’re popping a baby out. (hint, NOT anytime soon,dammit.)  It was nice to have someone to relate and laugh with marriage-wise for a few hours.

6. New people. I love people, I love anything new, I especially love instantly hitting it off with new people. I met a lot of adorable new people last night and was a little surprised how sweet they all were. Brittany and Deesh were the hosts and they’re still fairly new to me too.  You know when you can tell right off the bat that people are just…genuinely good? I get that vibe with them both.  Not to mention they’re a lot of fun and can host a really good shin-dig. Brittany also introduced me to Amaretto. I didn’t even know that was alcohol, I thought it was a lovely smell/yummy coffee flavoring.Well,It’s freaking good. Or, it was until the two of us stupidly decided to mix Everclear with it. Not such a good idea. It is a good idea (courtesy Deesh) to have a board game night soon though.  I made my Apples to Apples love affair known.

7.Yeah so, the game kind of sucked. But drinks were pouring, My best friend joined me, The company was lovely; Lots of high-fives and shot-taking and laughs.  Oh, and meatloaf cakes. So I say lose or not, the night was a success. One of the reasons I love football so much? It’s about the company just as much as it is the game. I call win on that part of the night at least.