Happiness and Hula-Hooping

My heart and life feel very full. Just some of what’s contributing to said fullness lately:

  • Getting the opportunity to cover an ACL Live taping of one of my favorite country music artists for the event blog.


  • And bringing the little brother along as my plus one! And a photo booth! Is it obvious who the more normal of the two of us is? Hint: It’s not me.


  • Catching up with some of my favorite homies:


  • My sweet friend Becca surprising me with early baby gifts:


It’s still a little strange to me that I get to dress up my own little person in just a few months.

  • Speaking of which, that soon to be tiny person is kicking around right now. She’s a very active little thing.
  • Nearing 6 months pregnant and still having the featured video spot on the U By Kotex site. It’s a little funny.


  • Finding a long lost ornament from my first married Christmas with hubby. Dated 2009. Now we’ll soon be sharing Christmas 2013 together, and with a baby on the way. Time is so sneaky. But also kind of beautiful sometimes. I have to smile thinking about all of the memories we’ve made and ways that we’ve grown in between these Christmases.
  • christmas09
  • Travel planning
  • Adventure planning
  • Goal accomplishing
  • Having my first job with benefits


  • Getting paid to take pictures and talk to people
  • Slowly becoming a little less clueless about cars. Ahem. This is a Mustang, guys! stangme

I took my first hula-hooping dance class last weekend. We learned synchronized hula-hooping moves to the song “Santa Baby.” This was awesome. Trying new things just never gets old.


I’m a happy hula-hooper, y’all.