Organizing Small Dance Parties


Shortly after my college graduation, I started feeling just a little panicky about where to go next. It wasn’t that I hadn’t ever done the job thing before. I had worked, sometimes more than one job at a time, since I was sixteen. But what to do with this brand new college degree? From years of an on-campus radio show to event blogging to a social media internship at the American Red Cross, I felt I had done everything in my power to make a resume worthy of a career that I could be passionate about. Still, I didn’t know if that would be enough. Did anybody ever get a job related to their major anymore? Where to draw the line between settling and not being realistic? I had just started browsing admin and receptionist positions, even knowing then that jobs like these would be wrong for me and creatively stifling for my personality, when I came across an available position for a social media representative. At that point, I had gone to a couple of interviews that just didn’t feel right, and had told these companies not to consider me for a second interview. Turns out that, despite discomfort, my stubbornness doesn’t really allow me to settle. And finally, here was something that sounded so very perfect for me. The job description included things like blog-writing, social-media updating and people-interviewing. I loved to do this stuff when I wasn’t getting paid. I tried not to get my hopes up when I got an email reply and then a phone interview for the position, but was still full of butterflies when I went in for the in-person interview. My boss, who lives hours away and was just in town for the day, hired me on the spot.

Now here I am six months later, with a job that is both flexible and fun for me. I get to sleep in and more or less make my own schedule. I never have a boss breathing down my neck, but contrarily have one who gives me encouragement, freedom and guidance only when I need it. I go around taking pictures of and talking to lots of cool people. Last week, I covered my first big work event in which I was able to help raise money to make a high-school student’s dreams come true.


Yesterday, I decided we needed a ridiculously cheesy video on our social media pages. So I put together a small dance party behind the receptionist’s desk and had a fellow employee film the fun. (Obviously, I needed to partake in said ridiculous cheese.) I somehow get paychecks for doing this sort of stuff.

I’m glad that I often decide not to be too realistic about my goals. That I waited to find a career that would do so much for me than just pay the bills. And that I am now getting paid to organize small dance parties.

Happiness and Hula-Hooping

My heart and life feel very full. Just some of what’s contributing to said fullness lately:

  • Getting the opportunity to cover an ACL Live taping of one of my favorite country music artists for the event blog.


  • And bringing the little brother along as my plus one! And a photo booth! Is it obvious who the more normal of the two of us is? Hint: It’s not me.


  • Catching up with some of my favorite homies:


  • My sweet friend Becca surprising me with early baby gifts:


It’s still a little strange to me that I get to dress up my own little person in just a few months.

  • Speaking of which, that soon to be tiny person is kicking around right now. She’s a very active little thing.
  • Nearing 6 months pregnant and still having the featured video spot on the U By Kotex site. It’s a little funny.


  • Finding a long lost ornament from my first married Christmas with hubby. Dated 2009. Now we’ll soon be sharing Christmas 2013 together, and with a baby on the way. Time is so sneaky. But also kind of beautiful sometimes. I have to smile thinking about all of the memories we’ve made and ways that we’ve grown in between these Christmases.
  • christmas09
  • Travel planning
  • Adventure planning
  • Goal accomplishing
  • Having my first job with benefits


  • Getting paid to take pictures and talk to people
  • Slowly becoming a little less clueless about cars. Ahem. This is a Mustang, guys! stangme

I took my first hula-hooping dance class last weekend. We learned synchronized hula-hooping moves to the song “Santa Baby.” This was awesome. Trying new things just never gets old.


I’m a happy hula-hooper, y’all.

Being a Grown-Up

Talk of being a grown-up came up at my little brother’s eight-year-old birthday party the other day. Mumbles and grumbles were going around amongst the adults, but I had to state my honest thoughts on the subject—I love it and I’ve always loved it. I was told I was crazy. Probably. But since I became a grown up, at least according to law, at eighteen….I’ve always been smitten with this adulthood stuff. I’ve loved making my own decisions, both good and bad; The rewards that come from the good ones and the lessons learned from the bad. Being able to travel frequently and partake in thousands of adventures has left me feeling like this world is my playground. I’ve adored going book-browsing and eating donuts on my own time. And I’d be fibbing if I said that spending all but one of my adult years with my best friend and husband of four years has nothing to do with my love for this grown-up stuff. Now, more than ever, I feel like a bonafide grown-up. And I’m still loving every second of it. Here’s just a few of the reasons why:babyb4


(I want my baby bump already!)

1. As most of you know by now, my husband and I are expecting. (a baby!) I’m a little more than 4 months along now and we found out the gender last week. (We’re having a gender reveal party so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to share that news.) We even have a name picked out. When Baby Boudreaux is born, I’ll be 25 and husband will be 31. It’s a little crazy to me how perfect this now seems and how excited I am. I didn’t expect to be ready quite yet. But at 24, I feel really lucky to have had the chance to live really well, crazy and big. And now I’ll get to live so much more, but just with this little miniature-me-and-hubby by my side. What a couple of years ago would have seemed so restricting to me now seems like a brand new adventure. I’m already dreaming of taking this little one on our travels and to pick out library books and Christmas trees. But having been a nanny to babies for years, a seventeen-year old mommy’s helper when my baby brother was born and once upon a time, a daughter to a teenaged mother, I know it won’t always be easy. I’ve never been one of those girls who has fairytale expectations of a perfect family; If anything, I’ve been too cynical. But having an idea of how hard it will be comes hand-in-hand with knowing how truly beautiful and amazing this making-a-life stuff is too. (It definitely doesn’t hurt knowing I have this amazingly sweet and patient father-to-be by my side, every step of the way.) And that gives me butterflies of anticipation, knowing I have so much joy coming along with many a sleepless night.



I bought a car! It’s a 2012 Chevy Cruze and I am head-over-heels in love. Considering I was driving around in a car (RIP, Slugger) in which I had to roll down my front window just to open my front door, this was definitely quite an upgrade. And as much as I loved that ‘ole car, putting a down-payment on this beauty was definitely a wonderfully fun grown-up thing to do. I mean, who knew you could look forward to driving a vehicle everyday?! I feel fancy just cruising around in this thing. Making money and no longer being a broke college student is nice, y’all. Which brings me to….


I graduated with a Communication major in August and was fortunate enough to be hired on as the Social Media Representative for all five locations of Leif Johnson Ford just one month later. I still can’t really believe that I found a job that directly relates to my major in college….I didn’t think that ever really happened. I’ve been with Leif for about two months now and absolutely love it. My boss lives in Fort Worth and gives me a lot freedom, both within my schedule and creatively. I’m getting paid to do most everything I love, from writing blogs to taking lots of pictures to constantly chatting with random strangers. This also ensures that I’m never staying completely within my comfort zone and that I never have to sit still for long, which I also love. Originally, my plan was to work at Dell, as my dad is a long time manager and could help get me hired. Right before my graduation, I talked with him about this and he surprised me by saying that, while he was still glad to help, he thought I was too talented to work in a corporate environment. While I definitely don’t think I’m too talented for corporate (My dad tends to get a little carried away with that whole ‘pride and joy’ thing when it comes to me), now I do get the gist of what he meant. Where some flourish in this setting, my talents would be wasted and possibly even crushed in a corporate environment. I don’t do well sitting still for long periods of time or with having a strict schedule and lists of rules. It just took finding a job that gives me the flexibility and an outlet to do what I love to see how unhappy I would be working a typical office job. (As a side note, I do feel slightly guilty cruising around in a Chevy Cruze whilst working at a Ford dealership. Let me clarify that I think Fords are wonderful, dependable vehicles….but gosh, guys, my Cruze is so pretty.)

These are just a few of the list of things that has me loving this adult stuff. To sum it all up, my life and heart feel very full. Sometimes, just sometimes, being a grown-up really can be all it’s cracked up to be.