Puerto Rico In Pictures


I could go on and on about how stunning and awe-inspiring the island of Puerto Rico is. Really, I could ramble on for a few hours, at least. I’m smitten. But instead, I think I’ll just show y’all San Juan in pictures. Because pictures are worth thousands of my wordy words. Ahem–

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Whether it be spending the day reading at a beautiful beach, shopping or exploring the majestic forts of old San Juan, buying bargain perfume and sun hats with one of my closest gal pals, eating mouthwatering chocolate chip pancakes or sipping on sangria next to breathtaking views, slipping on algae and falling on my butt as an onlooker laughs and I do too, girly and giggly sleepover-style conversations in our adorable hotel room, getting lost in a sketchy part of town and joyously finding our way back to safety–unscathed and with the help of a few sweet folks–, drinking some of the best and strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted, or simply enjoying the daily sights, sounds and wonders that the Puerto Rican culture has to offer….It’s easy to say that I fell in love with San Juan and all of the adventures, misadventures and beauty this wonderful city brought my way.

Okay, I just couldn’t help myself. But I saved my wordy words until the end at least.