Three of my favorite things in this world are adventures, my husband and Christmas. So combining all three into one fun-filled day basically turns me into an overly excited five-year old. hubstractor Yesterday, Robby and I made a mini road-trip out to Elgin, Texas to cut down a tree at their Christmas tree farm. Did I mention I also love mini road-trips? Because guys, I really do. We listened to Christmas music on the way there. Ahem. I also love Christmas music. And when we got there, a llama and Jenny the donkey (who, as a sign warned, was especially likely to bite) greeted us at the entrance and from there we received a tractor ride to go pick out our tree and y’all, I loved that too. At one point hubby reminded me to stop (I suck at stopping) to just enjoy the scenery, which was absolutely gorgeous. The air was chilly and the sun was setting on hundreds of trees and I was standing next to my handsome fellow and life felt really pretty perfect. After roaming the farm for some time, we finally agreed on our tree, which husband proceeded to cut down with the wonderfully giant saw the tractor dudes lent us. And THEN I picked out ornaments at the cute little gift shop and we made our way to a quaint Elgin café to eat scrumptious chicken fried chicken and the biggest slice of cherry cheesecake my eyes ever did see. All of this spent with my very favorite boy in the world and our little girl in my belly, who thoughtfully waited until the ride home to begin kicking my bladder. A magical, festive, adventurous day indeed.

Before our little trip, husband made pancakes. Fuel for the road, y’know?


“Caution- Animals May Bite- Especially jenny the Donkey”


Tractor ride!


I maybe liked holding this saw a little too much.





 Things I know: Life is good, that cheesecake is large and Jenny the Donkey is the animal voted most likely to bite at our local tree farm.