Vegas Highlights 2014

Vegas Highlights 2014:


  • Exploring the mountains of Nevada/Vegas outskirts with pumpkin beer in tow. Oh, the festive, happy feelings.
  • pumpkinbeervegas6
  • Drinking coffee and rum+pineapple from the balcony of our breathtaking mountain resort.


  • Our first night in the mountains: Picking up some homemade bread pudding from the resort’s restaurant, and coming back to our room to find that my husband had moved some furniture around to make room for dessert. “I made us a table.” he said. It was the best bread pudding of my life, shared with the dude who still gives me warm fuzzies after five years of marriage.



  • Doing the Vegas strip thing with the hubby, round two. (Round one was our first wedding anniversary, 2010)
  • vegasvoucherWinning a hundred bucks on a Walking Dead slot machine. I NEVER win anything and have deemed myself unlucky when it comes to similar games of chance, so this was a big deal for me. I hate gambling just a teensy bit less now.


  • Renewing our vows at a Little White Wedding Chapel (professional pictures of this coming soon!), which was immediately followed by attending a nearby happy hour, still dressed in our wedding dress and tuxedo. After happy hour, we went to a local grocery store to grab beer and liquor for the mountains. We got a few stares, some questions, a handful of verbal congratulations and one in the form of a car honk and wave. The whole experience was silly and cheesy and lovely, and most of all, it was just so very us.


vegas12I’m giddy to spend the rest of my life exploring the world and creating cheesy memories, makeshift tables and endless adventures with my lifetime crush. And I am forever grateful for that one tipsy night in a garage at a stranger’s party. It’s led to this big, beautiful, goofy love that I’ve found in Robby Boudreaux. A lingering glance that would eventually turn into countless stories and laughter, a redheaded baby girl, exploring the world hand-in-hand, a pumpkin beer shared in the mountains. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Life And Vacation and Run-On Sentences

Quick life updates. Prepare for many choppy, run-on sentences. 


HI! So I learned how to be a flying acrobat a couple of months ago. I also had the chance to pose for a photo-shoot with a photographer whose work has been shown in TIME magazine and stuff. I’m still event blogging and working as a social media representative, and still smitten with both of these gigs. Last weekend I ran a 5k in a beautiful vineyard, and was given a glass of wine as soon as I crossed the finish line. Life is so fun.


Baby girl is almost six months old and is a complete daddy’s girl and it’s the most adorable thing ever. I am in love with their bond and watching her grow and kissing her fat little cheeks. She cracked up laughing as I repeatedly said the word “Ouch” in a high-pitched voice last week, and it was just the greatest thing ever. She is a happy, beautiful little baby and I am so very grateful that she is ours.


Tomorrow my husband and I leave for our five year anniversary trip. We’re going to Vegas, and I’m also hoping to cross Utah off of my state bucket list. I usually try to avoid visiting a state I’ve already visited in the relatively recent past, but Nevada has Vegas and Vegas has really cheesy vow renewals. Nevada also has pretty mountains and holds memories from our earliest years of marriage. And for our five year renewal, all of that just sounds oh-so-perfect to me.

I am aware that I’m actually leaving out many life updates but I have to finish packing and I’m sleepy and excited and I have to pee and YAY.

Four Years

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated four wonderful years of marriage.

Early tomorrow morning we leave for Denver, Colorado to celebrate some more.


I look back now and I see how young and ill-prepared I was to get married at only twenty years old. 20! I was a baby. And yet.

I married this guy who has helped me grow and has grown with me. Who saw past my immaturity and knew every shortcoming, and who has always loved every part of me anyway. Who is patient and calm and kind and who constantly has me laughing. Who has this uncanny ability to fix everything and who would do absolutely anything to see me happy. Who has whole-heartedly believed in and encouraged my dreams over the years, and has, in turn, helped me to believe in myself and conquer those dreams. Whose smile lights up a room and whose heart is the biggest of anyone I’ve ever known. Who has taught me that dogs are not just dogs, they are family. Who my family adores, and whose family I am proud to call my family too. Who can’t wait to build our future children a giant tree-house, and whose future children will unknowingly luck into having the best future dad in the entire world. Who just now lit our microwave on fire and then gave a childlike grin while reading a breadstick package that disclosed, “Do not put in microwave.”

Had I married anyone else at 20 years old, I’m guessing I would have been divorced or imprisoned weeks later. But I married Robby Boudreaux and we’re celebrating four years of wedded bliss in Colorado tomorrow. If he doesn’t burn our house down, that is.

Puerto Rico In Pictures


I could go on and on about how stunning and awe-inspiring the island of Puerto Rico is. Really, I could ramble on for a few hours, at least. I’m smitten. But instead, I think I’ll just show y’all San Juan in pictures. Because pictures are worth thousands of my wordy words. Ahem–

sanjuan5sanjuan2sanjuan21sanjuan17sanjuan16sanjuanpuertorico20sanjuan9sanjuan19photo (12)sanjuan8puertorico21sanjuan6sanjuan11puertorico18


Whether it be spending the day reading at a beautiful beach, shopping or exploring the majestic forts of old San Juan, buying bargain perfume and sun hats with one of my closest gal pals, eating mouthwatering chocolate chip pancakes or sipping on sangria next to breathtaking views, slipping on algae and falling on my butt as an onlooker laughs and I do too, girly and giggly sleepover-style conversations in our adorable hotel room, getting lost in a sketchy part of town and joyously finding our way back to safety–unscathed and with the help of a few sweet folks–, drinking some of the best and strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted, or simply enjoying the daily sights, sounds and wonders that the Puerto Rican culture has to offer….It’s easy to say that I fell in love with San Juan and all of the adventures, misadventures and beauty this wonderful city brought my way.

Okay, I just couldn’t help myself. But I saved my wordy words until the end at least.