Baby In Red


Tomorrow our Brynlee Mae will be one week old. She said her first hellos early last Wednesday morning, surprising the world both by weighing 8 pounds and by sporting a full head of bright red hair.

I am sitting here wondering what to type next because how does one even begin to put into words something so incredibly, wonderfully life changing? I’ve had the chance to experience some pretty awesome things in my twenty-five years, and still no other adventure or accomplishment could ever compare to the moment I met her.

Already this tiny, beautiful person has completely stolen our hearts. Everything she does–every silly face, yawn, sneeze and breath she takes– is amazing. She is amazing. I watch my husband with her, full of the same overwhelming, huge love I feel every time I so much as glance at this little one’s face, and I am completely overcome by an indescribable happiness. This is our family, and it is just the best thing ever.

A nurse came into our hospital room one evening, wanting to meet Miss Brynlee. She said she had to see the baby with the red hair that everyone was talking about. That’s our girl.

Bryn’s first week:





Be still, my heart.


So the girl loves her sleep. We love that she loves her sleep.


Our little family