Organizing Small Dance Parties


Shortly after my college graduation, I started feeling just a little panicky about where to go next. It wasn’t that I hadn’t ever done the job thing before. I had worked, sometimes more than one job at a time, since I was sixteen. But what to do with this brand new college degree? From years of an on-campus radio show to event blogging to a social media internship at the American Red Cross, I felt I had done everything in my power to make a resume worthy of a career that I could be passionate about. Still, I didn’t know if that would be enough. Did anybody ever get a job related to their major anymore? Where to draw the line between settling and not being realistic? I had just started browsing admin and receptionist positions, even knowing then that jobs like these would be wrong for me and creatively stifling for my personality, when I came across an available position for a social media representative. At that point, I had gone to a couple of interviews that just didn’t feel right, and had told these companies not to consider me for a second interview. Turns out that, despite discomfort, my stubbornness doesn’t really allow me to settle. And finally, here was something that sounded so very perfect for me. The job description included things like blog-writing, social-media updating and people-interviewing. I loved to do this stuff when I wasn’t getting paid. I tried not to get my hopes up when I got an email reply and then a phone interview for the position, but was still full of butterflies when I went in for the in-person interview. My boss, who lives hours away and was just in town for the day, hired me on the spot.

Now here I am six months later, with a job that is both flexible and fun for me. I get to sleep in and more or less make my own schedule. I never have a boss breathing down my neck, but contrarily have one who gives me encouragement, freedom and guidance only when I need it. I go around taking pictures of and talking to lots of cool people. Last week, I covered my first big work event in which I was able to help raise money to make a high-school student’s dreams come true.


Yesterday, I decided we needed a ridiculously cheesy video on our social media pages. So I put together a small dance party behind the receptionist’s desk and had a fellow employee film the fun. (Obviously, I needed to partake in said ridiculous cheese.) I somehow get paychecks for doing this sort of stuff.

I’m glad that I often decide not to be too realistic about my goals. That I waited to find a career that would do so much for me than just pay the bills. And that I am now getting paid to organize small dance parties.