Summer, So Far


Life is pretty darn swell lately. My busy time is filled with a job I love, an internship I adore, graduation preparations and covering fun, Austin adventures whilst I get to live my dream as an event blogger. I’m giddily planning an upcoming vacation and getting butterflies pondering post-grad life. Even as we speak (Or, uh, as I type…) I should be packing for a little weekend road-trip to visit my hubby’s parents. I’m anticipating a weekend full of BBQ, coffee-drinking, book-reading, small-town breakfast restaurants (Yum) and time spent with the two best in-laws a girl could ask for.

And in the little bit of spare time (in my own town) that I do find? Well, I definitely take full advantage of those moments too. Summer 2013 is already a pretty magical one, y’all.

Summer, So Far: 








Shopping the quaint Salado, Texas (with my adorably prego cousin):


Wine Tastings:


Receiving my first Influenster VoxBox:




And more swimming….
As you can see, much of my free time is spent in numerous bodies of water. Well. It is summer and this is Texas, after all. Y’all.

15 thoughts on “Summer, So Far

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family says:

    Oooh I wish more of my time were spent in the water! Last summer we were at the beach all the time, but this year all our vacation is being used on our Italy trip so we don’t have as many days off to go down to the beach. Anyway, looks like your summer is off to a great start! 🙂

    • Hehe ya, it’s hard for me to survive Austin summers without either being indoors or submerged in water of some sort 😛
      & Ooooh When are you going??….Robby and I are tentatively planning a trip to Italy for 2014!

    • I am hoping to get my Healthcare Reimbursement ciitefrcate so my interaction with patients would be very different from a CMA, but I think I would like to work in a Chiropractors office. I have back issues and know first hand how much of an improvement I feel after one adjustment. To be part of a team, where you were able to help someone, in a fairly short period of time, seems like it would also be very rewarding.

  2. Send me that voxbox… I could use everything in it!!
    Your prego cousin really is adorable!!
    Oh… all the fun on the water… I envy you. The water is all of 2 miles from me but I often act like it’s on the other side of the universe… one of the pleasures that’s hard to get motivated to enjoy alone.

    • Haha it’s so much fun! I mean, I haven’t had the chance to use any of it but it’s so much fun to stare at until then lol. (Honestly, I just like to hoard pretty things for a while and look at them for a while….weird!? Yes, yes it is.)
      And isn’t she though!? Cutest ‘lil prego lady I know.
      Come to Texas and swim with me! Lol.

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