The White Power Ranger, Puerto Rico & Other Exciting Life Things

So I’m definitely pretty behind on life updates. For the first time in my life, I have a good amount of savings and have been able to take the month of August off (with a little babysitting here and there, just because I love those kiddos) to relax a little. Relaxing for me means constantly doing lots of things that I enjoy a bunch. I’ll have to make a blog soon to play catch-up on this last, fun-filled month….but for now, I thought I’d share just a few of the exciting things going on this past and present week.

1. I’M GOING TO PUERTO RICO TOMORROW! A close friend and I were recently having a girl’s night together at my house when we realized that we both had days off in the same week. We decided right then and there to buy plane tickets together. I’ve heard it’s a rather beautiful place and am eagerly anticipating reaping the rewards of a delightfully spontaneous purchase. fburg

2. Husband and I spent this last weekend enjoying a little, romantic getaway in the quaint town of Fredericksburg, Texas. We have fun together, him and I.


3.  I went to my very first voice and movement class on Wednesday! Acting has been a closet passion of mine for quite some time. Filming a couple of commercials this summer has taken this love of mine out of hiding and reawakened a desire I had almost forgotten existed. Also, I got cookies and flavored coffee at said class. Awakening passions and free treats—A good combo.


My latest event blogging adventure was indoor skydiving with iFLY Austin. Oh my goodness, I had an absolute blast. Really too, because the enormous fans are so powerful that they sent me blasting up through the air tunnel. Each person gets two 2 minute turns, and on the second turn the instructor took hold of my suit handles and flew me, spinning all the way to the top. My breath was taken away in the best way possible. It was just a thrillingly unique experience that I know I’ll never forget. (But if I fell on my head and forgot my whole life or something, I have a DVD and pictures to help me remember.) I can’t thank iFLY enough for their generosity, great staff and for giving me the chance to fly.



As if flying in a wind tunnel wasn’t great enough, I also met my very first crush at iFLY yesterday. Remember Tommy from the Power Rangers? The Red Ranger who later became the White Ranger and was in love with Kimberly, the Pink Ranger? Yeah, apparently he’s a regular at iFLY. ( Jason David Frank is his real name, if you’re curious.) I almost had a happy heart-attack getting a picture with him. Before the photo was snapped, I informed him, in the tone of a little schoolgirl, “I used to be obsessed….” and then awkwardly trailed off because I didn’t want to end the sentence with, “With you when I was five because you were the White Power Ranger.” But really, y’all. I met my kindergarten crush before indoor skydiving for the first time yesterday. Life is pretty perfect.

Type to y’all after Puerto Rico! Happy squeal goes here.