December Magic

December is magic.



Pretty lights and date nights and I love him.


Festive mannequins



Friends and wine on the lake and more pretty lights


Work is also play and my job gifted me with a GoPro to work and play with.


Being an event blogger means I get to do fun things like cover a Broadway musical. (Unintentionally matching with gal pal is also fun)


New neighbour friends who bring over Christmas treats to couple’s game night


Drinking while shopping is grand. (The fake plants did a great job of camouflaging my raspberry champagne goodness)


Robe chillin’ with my main girl. (Um. Also, do you see all of the lovely lights back there?)

December is always one of my favorite months as the perfect combination of friends and family and festivities give me all of the happy feelings. And let’s not forget all of the pretty lights.


8 thoughts on “December Magic

  1. Robe chillin with my main girl… LOL!! You two are soo adorable! Also, the GoPro looks like so much fun, and it seems like the perfect gift for the adventure lover… AKA you!

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