A Weekend Of Laughter

I can still feel the remnants of the glow leftover from an incredible weekend.


On Saturday I kissed the hubs and baby goodbye for the day and made the hour and a half drive to San Antonio. A very best friend of mine was in town and staying with another mutual best friend of ours, and I was giddy to see them both.


The remainder of the weekend was spent in laughter. So much laughter. I am fortunate enough to laugh often, but I can’t remember the last time I laughed quite this much. We laughed playing ridiculous games and drinking beer and whilst lying on the other. We laughed so much that there were tears and the inability to breathe properly and the assumption that we may be hoarse the next day.


We laughed sharing stories and confessions and sushi at midnight. We laughed recounting memories and creating new inside jokes. We laughed as I kicked my feet wildly in the air in a pathetic attempt to get up after knocking a beer bottle over, and we laughed when Kirsten’s husband wrapped up my life in one sentence by telling me, “You’ve got the hustle, just not the coordination.” We laughed loudly and wildly until 4 am, about everything and absolutely nothing at all.


I tried to get a few decent pictures to help remember such a perfect weekend, but most every time I tried we were in complete hysterics. Looking over these pictures together, we were in fits of giggles once more over how terrible we looked in most of them. How lucky I feel to have captured on camera the genuine, unruly joy of best friendship. How happy I am to call such a best friendship my own.


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